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suggestions for my demon hunter

I die all the time. Any suggestions on how to survive without losing my high hit damage?
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To me it looks like you have to much HP, believe it or not. You can get by with 30-32k health just fine. What you really need is more crit chance. Looking at your gear, you should look at replacing your amulet, gloves, bracers and the nats ring with pieces with crit on them. If you change all your gems except your helm to emeralds it'll offset the dex lost by dropping the nats 3-piece. Also, try looking for some Strongarm Bracers. The movement speed on the Lacunis is wasted since you have the inna's legs and nats boots, and the crit will be better then the attack speed. With the Strongarms you can get all the stats you need for a very resonable price.

Once you get your crit high enough you can swap out the Sharpshooter passive for something else. It's really just a crutch for when your undergeared. You'll be better off with Steady Aim, Tactical Advantage or Nightstalker. Other then that you can always look for pieces with more All Resist while trying not to sacrifice your dps stats.

Change your Shadow Power rune to Gloom, it is fantastic when you can't avoid damage or your low on health. Make sure your paying attention to your surroundings while playing, kite when you have too. The idea is to avoid as much damage as you can, cause even with high HP and All Resist you'll still die in just a few hits.
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