Diablo® III

Auction House - Error 31075

I lost a legendary item on auction, not too high level though but still it was a legendary!
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Lost all my gold on a bid... lol
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same problem... losing action items and cant access AH.... what a joke..
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Yea i lost a vile ward

intel 251
vita 64
+12% life
+75 all res
+250 regen

and a manticore

and some useless yellows in stash
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seem to have lost all my AH items
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same here, also getting lag spikes throughout the weekend.

didn't see this post so made my own: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7592399618
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There is some hope, I was having a lot of the same issues but the items did finally appear. Servers are probably just overloaded so everything isn't loading up properly.
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01/06/2013 01:09 AMPosted by MANTAN
There is some hope, I was having a lot of the same issues but the items did finally appear. Servers are probably just overloaded so everything isn't loading up properly.

Still if it's that, There should be someone official to come out and say that.
Blizzard has left us in the dark with these issue's cause their standardized errors,
But still this isn't a problem of the game, its a problem of support like i said in my post:

I suggest you and everyone on this forum to contact blizzard and inform them about the poor customer service we have been receiving from their support team and network administrators.(I am) This isn't professional what so ever, this is blizzard employee's walking on the users and leaving them in the dark on issue's and not taking care of real issue's like their servers overloading all the time! Stop putting it off like; "expect that on Fridays and Saturdays cause those are busy nights", - Well too bad Blizzard i work all week and this happens to be the time i relax and game and your telling me to expect that every week? So you can save money? Give me a break and save me some time.
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AH was accessible for me (Europe server) 15 min ago and looked fine until I tried to bid. Now it is all 31075.
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Same for me with Immortal King's Eternal Reign, do you have it now ?
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Same, i lost IK armor on my win bid, so i also lost the price of it : 15.5Millions of gold... WTF ?
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I am missing 2 items, I had 10 auctions running, now there are only 8 auctions listed no sign or record in completed auctions of my lost items. This is no fun.
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same errors as me
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i was playing 2 hours and there wasn't error. then i logout. 20 minutes i didn't play and now it doesn't working
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I lost Litany of the undaunthed today after i came in AH after error. I real hope its just a server isue and I get it back, its not item but principe!!!
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same problem, just lost three items, two not important, but zuni's armor was pretty expensive for a low-level like me :/
hope they will return, doesnt feel very safe to put high end gear on AH right now..

EDIT: this morning the missing items returned.
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W T F blizard??????????
I lose item in AH that i had bid for 35 milion gold and other few items and i lose that item as well???????????
And no post to be seen by your staf!!!
This game is a total rubish!
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we want answers!
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Just got the same error here.
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