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Wait... when you were/are vote kicked you can't control your character and you had/have to wait ten seconds to be kicked (didn't read all of the thread, but I assume something about that is changing)? What the hell kind of backwards trash is that? What other games out there do something as dumb as that instead of instantly kicking you? Guess thats just something you learn to expect from Diablo 3 though...
01/11/2013 03:33 AMPosted by KowA
While it's perfectly reasonable to ask Blizzard to check their server stability (while hopefully such people asking KNOW it can just as much be their end) there is NO alteration needed to hardcore or for hardcores sake.

They do have to check server stability indeed and ensure that this disconnection time out is 10 seconds maximum, not 30 sec or 60 sec...

I realy think that this timer could be reduced in hardcore, down to 5 sec maybe. If you're about to die you won't be able to exploit anything and when a DC occurs it may increase drastically your chances of staying alive. Can't help myself thinking that in D2 you could escape almost immediatly and nobody ever complained - and nobody was "immortal".

EDIT: Why DO people wanna play hardcore without the odds stacked against them? Game is easier than it used to be already...

Game is not easier, you just play at a too low MP level.
When your barb will have hundreds of hours you might change your mind when dying to a DC.

@Spectrusv No intent, no. But they'll definitely have more prestige and flashy things to show off for being so awesome.

+1 for the unmet promise.

The game is easier than release, nerfs are well documented. And no - I won't change my mind. I'll just start again. From less than nothing this time. And still have the most satisfying time I've had playing this game... again.
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01/09/2013 06:28 PMPosted by Lylirra
Lylirra, is a disconnect (whether it be server side or client side) a risk that "might be beyond your immediate control" and something that you choose not to intervene in? I think a simple auto-pause feature a la Starcraft would be a simple, unexploitable feature to avoid a DC death?

In general, yes. Disconnections are one of those variables that you'll need to assume is a risk when playing Hardcore. Even so, I've already passed along [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7592639780?page=3#59"]this post[/url] by Norc to our developers for their consideration (it's pretty similar to your feedback). :)

The disconnects and rubberbanding are 2 reasons why I will NEVER play hardcore.
01/11/2013 08:25 AMPosted by LunarSolaris
The disconnects and rubberbanding are 2 reasons why I will NEVER play hardcore.

Keeps you on your toes and lets you know that your character has an expiration date. What you make on your current character can fund your next one.

I enjoy it :)
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Aye. While it's perfectly reasonable to ask Blizzard to check their server stability (while hopefully such people asking KNOW it can just as much be their end) there is NO alteration needed to hardcore or for hardcores sake.

EDIT: Why DO people wanna play hardcore without the odds stacked against them? Game is easier than it used to be already...

I love playing HC, and the harder it is the better. But make it hard by making the monsters harder. Don't make it hard by running my character for 50 seconds while I'm DCd, crashed, etc. That's not a challenge that can be overcome or avoided with skill. It's an instant death that is completely out of my control.

I really enjoyed the challenge of killing Inferno Diablo as soon as I could pre 1.0.4. Died once on the way but re-leveled and downed him pretty quickly. The two client crash deaths after that were a real letdown though.
am i a MURDERER?? :(
OMG i just looked this up because i think i could of killed some one we were trying to save him because he was a low paragon lvl in a3 and i saw him get locked in place
i wondered if i killed him googled it and hoped it had been hotfixed and nope it still hasnt.
Well i dont know if i have the right to type here on the US forum sens im on EU server but this seems to be the only place a blue have ever typed something at all about the DC and server laggs that HC players over and over tryed to get blizzard to fix. So i give it a try and with some luck i might get an answer.

Dont know about the rest of you but i and many more that play HC are HC players only. Ive read alot of what people been typing here and what answers you all got.

Yes we all know we play on our own risk when we play HC. I also know that when i create my char that blizz will not what so ever the reson might be revive a char even if the fault is blizz.
BUT what i did not know when i got this game was even after the public statement blizz did 8 mounth ago


that the game still would have major server issues with laggs - dc and freez. becouse if i would then i would not have spent a singel coin on the game until this issues was fixed "if they ever will sens HC people dont bring in any more cash"

Like many others i dont care if i rip becouse of lack of skills or noobish misstakes. it hurts ofc but thats the cost you have to pay to play on HC. I would also not mind if the server laggs and dc was a rare thing hell i would not even care if it happends like once ever 2 weeks. But to have a few server issues a week is not what i would call rare.

Think its sad that one of if not the biggest game company in the world will take over 8 mounth to fix a major issue like this but at the same time be able to work on an expantion that the players now can preorder.

im sorry if i sound like a retarded angry kid here but 3 RIP in a row and 300 mill HC gold lost in a few weeks now. And the sad part is that its not the chars or the gold/items i mad over. But the fact that iknow that its no point in continue to play the game becouse this will keep on happen not becouse i screw up or becouse i was some were i was not ready to be but only becouse blizz can keep there servers up with the amount of money they got and with the tech we got.

ive died alot of own fault as well and yes i can handle that also handle RARE server issues but when its starts to be more rare with days with out server issues then i think i got screwed over.

Dont know if blizz became this ignorant towards there players when they merge with Activition 2010 or if the got money madness after WoW but ive been a true fan of blizzard for almost as long as the company has existed "yes im 28" but i thought more of this company then this.

And yes thanx blue for inform us of things even that it took mounth and even that i think that its not more then right that you do sens you offer a product thats not working as it should and there for update the players that you even are aweare of the issue and when it might be fixed. I know that it might be a pain in the !@# to answer every singel ticket or every singel persons complain in the forum. but when 8 mounth has gone with i can even think of how many 1000+ players that has been complaining about the same issue and almost as many left the game to never play it agin becouse of it. That you dont have had the manners to even post a singel tiny thing about it to let people know that you dont piss in there faces and that you dont wanted them just to pay the game and then care less about the game experience sens they have already got what you wanted from them but to show them that its an issue that you work on.

once agin sry for my anger and that i sound like a angry ADHD kid and that i spell like one as well "im swedish if that helps my case about the spelling =)" but even you at blizzard that works there and that have made Blizzard to what it is. can agree that this is by any way okey,
guess i have the same luck here as every were else. well glad for the US players that you got some ansers atleast we on EU have tryed for 8 mounth with out a singel info about what if and when this issue will be fixed not on forum not on tickets hell people have even been cut of calling them.

sorry to type here iknow i have no right to do that. But i had to try sens we have 0 way at all to get any respons from them and then i saw this thred i just had to try.

take care and best of luck to you all and i hope that for you guys that have the skillz to outlast this. Me on the other hand well... 8 mounth is my limit and ill do as most of the HC players has and move on to find another game as well as comapny. Sad that years of waiting and this was what they gave us
I came here from EU server for the same reason...
To call it "PK" is doing it a disservice. It's more like "Player Deletion". "PK" gives people memories of D2 where people could kill other characters because it was fair game - this is not.

"It's how Blizzard designed it" - that's debatable. What if there was a magic sequence of keys that could kill another character, left by accident by the programmers? Like a buffer overflow in chat that would lag the game? Would that be considered, "how Blizzard designed it"?

You can argue that Blizzard didn't design the vote kick to be used against people who aren't being a nuisance to others. Blizzard didn't design the vote kick system to intentionally delete other player's characters.

Again, Blizzard has to decide what type of customers it wants in the future.
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I thought this was fixed.
Not yet. But I assure you, it would have been fixed right away if it was softcore and people could arbitrarily delete other people's characters in public games.
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while youre at it, can you make it so vote kick actually works in softcore games?
You need to be close to the character you want to kick.
Soooo this JUST happened to me, and I didn't even realize it was a possibility. The sad part is this is actually how another one of my HC characters died. Thinking it was just lag, I didn't assume anything malicious... now I see that I was wrong.

I realize that Blizzard wants to take have a stern policy on this but they should at least make players aware that this is possible before wasting countless hours. If I actually knew getting kicked could freeze my character into getting killed I probably wouldn't join any of these public games (why risk joining a game with anonymous people?). Quite frankly this has left a bitter taste in my mouth, and would have appreciated some sort of warning that this was possible.

I think I will be taking a break for awhile considering how much time I essentially wasted on characters that were destroyed from faulty system. I have had characters die from completely legitimate reasons in game, but this is just asinine that it's even an issue. If Blizzard wants to promote an actually gaming community (the way they promoted this game), then they should seriously look into solving this issue and maybe even allowing for the revival of some HC characters who have fallen for these exact reasons.
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