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Spike Lag 2013


Anyone else getting some light spike lag every 10 or 15 seconds ever since the error 72 log in problem lessen?
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I am... pretty much exactly what you described.
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no i'm just totally getting denied trying to log in.
Every 10-15 secs, there's a split second lag...
It's like just like back in June 2012...
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My ping is never lower than 150ms, but sometimes spikes well over 700ms (I won't bother saying how much, you won't believe me).

So you're probably experiencing the same thing I experience 100% of the time...
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TL2 for days like this
Yea, i'm having some lag spike issues tonight. It definitely wasn't there 2 days ago (aside from rakkis, that place always has lag spike issues for me).
Horrible lag yesterday after server maintenance. I start out fine (around 80 ms) and then jump to over 2000 ms during combat which stinks. Half of the time when the lag fixes itself I find myself dead. The latency bar is jumping all over the place from green to yellow to red then back to green again. It's not my connection and it's not my PC since all other online games are working fine and I've run through speedtest/pingtest. No packet loss and am getting 50 meg down, 5 up.
Rubberbands for everybody.
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Welcome to the Australian Internet connection.
Still having this problem now.
I have the same problem. Started about a month ago and the lag spikes come out of nowhere. I usually have 90-110MS but these spikes go from 400-1700MS. It's almost ridiculous at times to see where my guy dies and where the camera is. I've tried thrid party gaming servers like, fixmylag.com, but they did not help either. My ISP gave me the stupid generic "fix all" answer of resetting my modem. But when i do speedtests I'm at 25MBPS..so this issue is with Blizzard. I feel like it was the most recent patch..
Same here. Every application on my computer is running well with the exception of D3. Terrible lag spikes make it virtually unplayable (or at least sufficiently not enjoyable). These effects began with the most recent sever maintenance and have persisted since. I used to run at 40-90 ms, but now i cruise at 400-1700 with occasional bouts of normalcy.
I've started getting lag spikes around the time 1.07 ptr went live... Could be coincidink.

Might of even been a week or 2 before that. Prior to that I hardly ever rubber banded or spike lagged at all. Makes fighting much more difficult... Couldn't imagine hardcore.. YIKES.
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I get lag spikes that last for minutes frequently. Pretty much makes the game impossible to play. Especially since I'm new and don't have decent gear yet... I constantly die lol.
Lagging since the patch came aswell, in the evening its worse... everyone logging in makes it harder or something? 30ms to 900ms spikes.. dying for no appareant reason and enemies just popping up the screen.. lag seems to be less on normal-nightmare and scales to hell and inferno, inferno unplayable around 6 CET..
I have been lag spiking since I bought the game in January-'13. I thought it was my laptop, so I built a new desktop, i7 Processor, 16gb Ram, 2tb HDD, and Nvidia Graphics. I have Comcast Cable, but even when it's "slow" like cable is sometimes, I still get 5-7mbps. Within the last week the lag spikes have been unbearable. My lvl 60-22 Barb, which has never lost a duel, gets pwned on MP-5 by myself, haha. I hope Blizzard fixes this, because I am about to switch to Battlefield 3... at least I could enjoy the game play.
any1 have any fixes for this?
I live in NE and my comcast has been erratic. Thet are havinf a service issue.


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