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HOTA mp10 help

I have a 1525 skorn with 11% IAS and another 1379 DPS with 5% lifesteal.
Abilities I used:
I tried on MP10 and I can kill mobs and elites as fast as I was in normal mode. but sometimes act2 snakes mobs and some fast elites just instant kill me before I even have time to react. then with same skorn, I switched to WW build, and I just wrack faces, but definitely takes way longer time to clear than the HOTA build.

This makes me wonder is HOTA build viable on MP10, is it viable for ubers? what is gear requirement for HOTA?
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Proving resistance don't mean nothing lol. I don't know what to tell you I kill everything in mp10 with my hota build. Are you using rend? your resistance is way better then mine is. Only way you are dieing is because you are not playing right.

check my video out this is what I use to survive


really you should be having no problems surviving
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Why you so stuck on ww and hota, think outside the box fack. Mp10 is breeze.
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just watched your video, i didnt know black people play this game lol. instant sub
i'm so used to facerolling with ww build, i dont feel like kiting mobs, i just go straight up to their face and do bussiness. maybe I need to kite mobs that's how you play HOTA
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If you watched my video try using my exact same build. Attack 3 times with hota then use rend-blood and repeat 3 hota attacks rend. Leap to get out of tricky situations.

Yes black people play lol. You must kite certain elites like arcane molten and you must use rend -blood get rid of overpower it will do you know good.
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MP10 hota is viable, but with 2H you really need to use thunderstrike so you don't get owned when WotB is down. Snakes are really fast and painful, but doable with a lifesteal skorn and good ehp. Pull trash mobs in and use them to keep everything stunned.

For general farming, killing spree isn't very useful. Crushing advance is better, and use brawler passive for massive dps boost with your lifesteal skorn. I use this build for farming keys mp10:


Add me to see it in action. I have some rare pants I use for more EHP -- shoulders are also my farm gear... I have around 800K EHP and 9% lifesteal, 195k dps with battle rage. About 340K with full buffs and brawler up.
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build in my profile is what i use for mp10 hota.. i run it with skorn and/or snb

currently have snb equipped tho cuz i was carryin ppl thru mp10 elites
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Both leap and OP:CA are crutches that you can use if you're having trouble surviving, but IMO both are a waste of a slot. My gear is a lot worse than yours and I don't need either. I used to use OP:CA, but then I realized I could still stay alive even after swapping it for OP:KS, though playing with slightly more care. OP:KS is crucial for HotA uptime...I'd pretty much consider it a must-have for DPS purposes alone.

I'd also suggest trying superstition for your third passive. It gives me much better survivability than bloodthirst, and a very healthy amount of fury regeneration which rivals animosity.
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I agree with silverfire: in my old skorn build (frenzy/rend), I used OP/CA and was always impressed with how it got me out of a tight spot.

But with HOTA I have switched to KS and the effect is more or less the same. If there are mobs around you, you get healed instantly from OP itself. As for damage, you can counter that with tactical uses of Rend.
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I've become a massive fan of sword and board HoTA if you're open to that.

With 5pc IK and a mighty weapon, you can keep up sprint and WoTB as long as you want to, and you never have to worry about CC's and running away from mobs, which is where your concern seems to be.

Add in the stun weapon throw rune to a second attack and it makes anything laughably easy, even the siege/kule fight on MP10.
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01/07/2013 07:45 PMPosted by Violentine
Abilities I used:

You are using a Skorn for HotA with no fury generator and you have practically no IAS on gear. That's not going to work unless you have -HotA cost. Bash - Punish really complements HotA so consider using it. For ordinary farming, try Cleave - Reaping Swing. But the dual wield setup in your profile would work better still for HotA, so I suggest using that. It hits softer but faster, and it's much easier to regen fury, and very importantly it frees up your passive slot so you can use Tough as Nails. This passive lets you tank a few hits from almost anything. Finally, A2 at MP10 can be really hard. Some packs do significantly more damage than any other content in the game, including ubers. I doubt there are many players in the world who can efficiently handle certain A2 elites with reflect, minion, (arcane or waller or mortar). The worst packs can tear through 2 mil EHP in a couple seconds.
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It's funny how no two people using HotA seem to even have the same skill build, let alone similar gear. Not at all like sprint/ww where how it works is so well understood that there are only a couple of obvious choices...

The snakes are definitely dangerous, but the key is that they are dangerous because of the rate of their damage, not bursts. If you engage them before being able to get a rend off on them or some other mob it could very well mean instant death. If you use OP:CA, just activating it before engaging should be enough.

I like the Thunderstrike idea...will have to give that a shot.
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I used to use 2hand skorn hota, and I find it much better with the Thunderstrike rune vs smash, since i swing way slower than dual weilding. Also, due to limited gear at the time, OPCA was better to boost EHP for way better survival. From personaly experience, I like cleave with reaping for a primary attack, it fills your fury instantly when in a crowd vs any other skill. Superstition is a must I think, it allows for you to sitt in lava, poison, and desocrate or whatever, and generate unlimited fury. Rend once, then hota 3-5 times then Rend again is what I used to do.
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I can run MP10 Act 3 etc with my current build.

Can only JUST do MP10 Ubers solo, actually its on the Zultan Kulle Bubbles that screw me over, even with WOTB up.
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My build is very similar to Danger Mouse, using lacerate with rend since there's ls in the skorn and belt. I have the same experience with MP10 ubers - first two portals are fine, the bubbles in portal 3 remain a problem.
I like Avatar's 3 hota's and a rend. I've been stacking frenzy first.
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One of the main reasons I migrated to HotA is it has more open skill slots than the WW build. WW requires 3 skills (Sprint, WW, Battle rage). HotA has just 2 (HotA, Battle rage), so you have more possibilities. Usual choices are WotB, fury generator, rend. But the 6th is very open - sprint, overpower, warcry, leap, stomp, charge, ?? all work in that last slot. And SOJ means you can possibly drop a fury generator. For WW, the most interesting SOJ is for throw, which doesn't synergize that well for max dps.

That said, here's the best build for farming :-D

I disagree with using killing spree for general act farming. For ubers, it definitely is useful for a 2H setup to maintain WotB. But, for act farming, the benefit provided by killing spree is marginal because the fights are too short (trash), your cc is already extremely high, and fury is not as big of an issue when you have more monsters hitting you and you can hit multiple targets more often, giving you much more fury per swing. I also run with frenzy:maniac and no hammer reduction gear, so missing a critical with hammer does not have the same consequence for me as it does for you.

Maybe if you are using smash as your rune for hammer, you have a point with killing spree being good, but I also disagree here. Thunderstrike offers superior DPS and survivability (stun). The impact area is larger, meaning trash takes much fewer swings. I have trouble dumping enough fury. I guess the downside is you take fewer swings so WotB does not reset enough? If that is the disadvantage, I'll take it!

Crushing advance + Brawler + hotA:thunderstrike is a much more potent combo for farming than killing spree + superstition + hota:smash/thunderstrike. You get more damage output and much higher mitigation with the first combo.

1) It stuns fast moving elites and goblins (if aimed properly), helping negate the primary disadvantage of the HotA build -- poor mobility.
2) It totally destroys illusionist and horde elite packs (weaknesses for HotA:smash)
3) Facilitates use of brawler (which brings its damage up to smash levels) with lower EHP totals. You can position dead center of the mob and smash away without taking damage.
4) Has a bigger splash for more aoe damage AND more fury generation off multiple hits. It shames WW AOE damage. It's not even close (for 2H or SnB setups).

The primary drawback occurs when you have only one target to hit. In these cases, you lose splash advantage and the stun advantage. If you play your cards right, this will rarely happen. Keep three targets alive as long as you can to maximize brawler uptime

For ubers where brawler simply does not work and fury is harder to generate, the smash:spree:superstition combo makes sense. Though I have done SK/Magda with thunderstrike rune, and it is pretty awesome for that fight.

If you can run killing spree + brawler, that is a different story. In that case, I think sprint may actually be a better use for that skill slot for act farming vs. killing spree. Your in combat damage will go down (overpower damage spam), but you reduce downtime between packs (and thus extend WotB more easily) and are able to chase fleeing monsters/goblin much more effectively.

Also, I wouldn't dismiss leap or ground stomp as 'crutches.' If you are running ubers with a group lacking stuns, these are massive boosts to party DPS, your own mobility, and group survivability. Since my whole friends list moved to barb, I often find myself in 4 barb ubers. Getting a couple stuns is critical for Kulle/Siege in such a party. I run leap:stun in such situations. For farming acts, these stuns are pretty terrible when compared to HotA:Thunderstrike.
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Hi Jim, quite a post there, lots to think about.

Regarding Smash vs Thunderstrike, you probably have a point. Smash would be better versus rare elites, thunderstrike versus champion packs, and generally better. A big part of the reason I'm spec'ed the way I am, come to think of it, is that I usually run with a CM wizard. Stunning is the last thing I think about. I also spend around half of my playtime doing uber runs (and the other half getting keys for them), so my frame of thinking tends to be concentrated around how to kill two stationary targets as fast as possible, which I admit is a rather specific situation. I don't doubt that thunderstrike has superior utility overall. I'll probably use it when playing solo.

Without OP:KS, I cannot maintain HotA on a single target (or probably even two) Partly due to laziness, and partly because it's suboptimal, I don't want to have to fill in attacks that could have been HotA with significantly weaker bash or frenzy ones. If you want to continuously spam HotA against a single target, both HotA reduction AND OP:CA are simply necessary with a 2h spec. Using frenzy or bash to buff your damage is a different story, but relying on them to keep my fury globe full is something that I'd rather not have to resort to.

What I meant when I said that leap is a crutch is that you should not be finding yourself in any sticky situations that warrant a quick escape. If you do, it means your gear is not up to par for the MP level that you're farming IMO, or there is some flaw in your build. Using rend/hota means you should capable of tanking and out-healing all incoming damage. Relying on leap to escape is a flaky, unsustainable, approach. Ubers are a different story, and I agree that someone in the party should be doing some type of crowd control.

I've never even considered brawler as a passive, but it definitely looks great on paper and I'll have to give it a try. It would without a doubt force me to use OP:CA, as there's no way I'd survive the worst ground effects without either it or superstition. Dropping OP:KS would then force me to pick up bash or frenzy, but a 30% damage increase would possibly make up for hammer downtime. It'd force me to give up the luxury of having to do nothing more than hold left-click down (and refreshing buffs and rend). I'll give it a shot. I'm betting both approaches perform fairly similarly.
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I tried your build for some MP10 key runs. The synergy is definitely there and it's pretty effective. One issue that I had with it is that Superstition is a passive, so it's more reliable in the sense that it's always there without the player having to do anything. I found myself being more on my toes relying on having OP:CA being cast before engaging a dangerous mob in A2. It only caused me one death though, and it was mostly just because I wasn't prepared. The other issue is naturally that I had to use frenzy because I can't go fury generator-less without OP:KS and superstition/animosity. I think the frenzy stacks and brawler more or less made up for the downtime. My kill times seemed to be in the 30-40 sec territory per elite which seems typical. Overall it didn't seem too noticeably different in any way. I didn't feel significantly tougher or weaker, nor did I seem to kill stuff any faster than usual.

Where I did notice a difference was thunderstrike. The stunning is really effective. It's my first time using anything other than smash on HotA. I was a little underwhelmed by the AoE. I was expecting it to be greater than it ended up being, but I love the stunning, definitely makes life easier. I wouldn't say your build is "much more potent". It behaves similarly enough that switching from superstition to OP:CA etc. isn't going to make things noticeably easier for someone struggling in MP10. They're more or less two sides of the same coin. Dropping superstition and war cry requires you to be on your toes, though once you engage, the survivability is pretty much the same as far as I can tell. Running without a fury generator as I do, however, certainly requires specific gearing, so it's not something that anyone can pick up, so I'd rather recommend yours to most people. But I'm going to continue using OP:KS and Superstition as it feels more comfortable and doesn't appear to kill any slower.
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