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Farming MP10

Hello all!

I just got back into D3 about 2 months ago, so all the newer builds and what not is all new to me.

I'd like to be able to farm MP10 comfortably and I have a few questions.

1) What is something I can upgrade right now that will have the biggest impact on me? I have the Hellfire Ring on just for exp boost, it was a crappy roll.

2) Is LS better than LoH for me and farming high MP?

3) I assume, AS, CC, and CD are my focus?

Thanks for any help and feed back!
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Farming MP10 is pretty hard to do, and no matter how well you farm MP10, you will farm something like MP4 a lot more efficiently. It is possible though, so its nice that you have a goal.

but to answer your questions

1.) Zuni Ring/Mojo - the mana gained is absolutely enormous. Also you need plenty of defense to farm MP10, so start stacking that AR

2.)Depends on your play style. LS is way better for bears than LoH, but nothing comes close to the sustain you get if you stack LoH with Acid Cloud, however when using acid cloud you don't get the damage that you get with bears. Don't use LS with Acid Cloud tho. (its a tough choice and you can go either way really).

3.) Focus on CC and CD. AS is only good if you can sustain your Mana Permanently. For example, if you Have 100K DPS and get A Lacuni to boost it by 1.5K, and you attack so fast that you run out of mana, then you haven't actually gained DPS. You've just done burst damage and now have to wait for all your mana to regen. Just find a "sweet spot with IAS" where you break even, if you find that your mana regen is to slow even without IAS, then try some passives like blood ritual.
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Ah, thanks for the information.

Is that why I see builds with Acid Cloud and Bears? Since they have so much mana regain and loh?
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You don't need acid cloud if you are sufficiently geared; a decent LS with solid dps and solid defense is sufficient. Also I doubt you will be farming mp10, but that was my 'goal' also when building my guy towards the end. It's a good goal and will make you a solid WD.

Also I recommend a high end serpent with -ZB for end game, along with a mana regen Zuni helm. With ~160k dps or so you'll be happy with killing speed in mp10.
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