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So basically I am sure most of you know that ALL for trade threads posted in this Harcore General Discussion sub-forum are promptly deleted. That is because the "powers that be" (stritly following guidelines here) do not want you posting items for sale in a sub-forum that is meant for discussion.

We have created other threads about this but it comes to my attention that these have been "petition threads" and that apparently is frowned upon? (insert mass confusion here)

Quoted from Bashiok:

Petition posts are frowned upon.
These are discussion forums and, as such, we ask that you hold discussions. Creating a thread to ask for replies as votes is not a discussion. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion.

It seems as if there are only responses to threads that "promote discussion" so that is why I am creating this thread. We need to "discuss" our dissatisfaction as to why we have not received this feature yet.

If you are behind on the issue:

On the Europe forums there are Hardcore specific trading forums (link below):


I and MANY others in this community have showed their support for this issue in several ways and believe that we strongly need our own Hardcore Trading forums just as Europe has received.

There are a myriad of reasons why we should have our own Hardcore specific Trading forums but I believe the most important is the issue of third party websites. The majority of Diablo 3 users know these forums before they know "other" third party websites. We should not have to assume that all Hardcore players know how to find these "other" sites and following that same logic they should not be simply limited to the auction house.

If you agree with this post then I encourage you to "discuss" why you believe this sub-forum should be implemented. Most importantly please keep the discussion clean and not insulting to any of the "employees" that work for the "powers that be".

Thank You


A response from Vaeflare: http://i.imgur.com/Y3Eit.jpg
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+1 for hardcore trading forums :)

It doesn't make sense why we don't have this. Prices on hardcore are much different then prices on softcore. Us hardcorlings should not have to go on trade forums and add [HARDCORE] to our title, that's discriminating against us.

+1 hardcore trading forum.
Hey guys while I appreciate the support try and at least include a little bit of your opinion in your posts. That way this remains a "discussion".

Thanks and keep it up!
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Come celebrate Guy !@#$es night with me! In the USHC trading forums!
Very well put origin. Hardcore should have there own sub forum I being a new player to diablo 3 had no Idea of any 3rd party websites for trading. When I play a game like this I prefer to stick to in game content and provider content. Like the forums if hardcore trading sub forum were to be created it would clear up tons of traffic on hardcore + 1 to you sir.
+1 for Hardcore Trading.

2 Reasons - so threads don't get deleted and so I don't have to look at SC to HC gold trading.
I think we should take a different route -

I think we should all band together and overflow the softcore trading forums with hardcore trades. Then the softies will cry in General Discussion and we'll get our own trade forum.

I will post 20 trades a day in the SC Trade Forum if other people do it with me.
Hey, looks like we got a response.

Once again please let me remind you. I would appreciate you keeping the discussion clean. Even though this may not be the response you were looking for they were still kind enough to take the time and acknowledge the issue.


I thought someone other than me would be happy :(

Guess not
No this is a great thing. I hope they see it the way we do. We need that forum if they dont let us post our trades on here and expect us to get seen on the general trade forum.

Im glad we even have a chance to get it.
If you do a search I thought a thread like this was made awhile ago? I agree there should be a HC trading forum just wish people would use the search funtion first before creating threads. This post will stay on topic and positive Origin made it. If I or anyone else created a thread like this Origin would puke all over it with no respect or class. See you HC community in a few months enjoys patch 1.07.

+1 HC trading forum

Try and read the OP next time. It clearly states why the other threads weren't working.

Your coming back bro? You mean PoE is the second rate game everyone says it is? Shocker

P.S. I would never talk bad on anyone's thread that is actually a constructive post that could potentially help the community. You should try and create one.
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We need our own trade forum. NAO! /discussed

i want a trade forum for hc too
Let's be fair , If Euro forums have such a sub forum , we need a good reason not to have one !
waste of bandwidth. just make do with what's available now. sheesh
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