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High MP Team Farm Theorycrafting

Greetings fellow DHs,

Yesterday I was farming with a team in high MP and one of the guys (a Witch Doctor) introduced us to an interesting team strategy that he said was popular on the Asia servers. The idea is that only one member brings travelling skills and the other members load up on DPS skills and wait in town. The traveller searches the map for an elite, goblin or resplendent chest and plants his banner in the middle of the mob. Then he chats a 1, 2, or 3 which means:

1 - Elite
2 - Goblin
3 - Chest

At that point the members waiting in town would port to the banner. The CM wiz would port first to freeze everything and the others port immediately after. At the time I didn't put a lot of thought into my build, so I used the following:

Bola Thunder Ball
Spike Trap Echoing Blast
Shadow Power Gloom
Sentry Guardian Turret
Vault Trail of Cinders
Marked for Death Grim Reaper

Night Stalker

My strategy was:

Pop Shadow Power just before porting (because who knows what mess you're porting into)
Marked for Death
Drop a Sentry
Spam 3 Spike Traps
Spam Bola and drop a new Spike Trap or Sentry when possible
Vault over mobs to stack Cinders

I'm interested in your ideas on ways to optimize this. For example, as long as you have a CM wiz there may be better hatred generators than Bola Thunder Ball such as:

Bola Imminent Doom
Cluster Grenades
Gas Grenades

Do you think there are better ways to use Discipline offensively than Vault Trail of Cinders? Some possibilities might be:

Caltrops Jagged Spikes
Prep Punishment - Along with Custom Engineering and Vengeance to lay 6 traps and 3 sentries (270 hatred)
Rain of Vengeance (doesn't use Discipline, but which rune?)

Most elite battles were fairly short, so I could potentially replace Nightstalker and maybe even Perfectionist for more damage. Some possibilities could be:

Sharpshooter - Since you are waiting safely in town, it can tick up to max crit chance
Vengeance - This would give the additional hatred needed to lay more spike Traps
Custom Engineering - Allows 6 Spike Traps, 3 Sentries, doubles duration of Caltrops/Sentries/MFD

Your thoughts?
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since your running with a cm, either bola imminent doom, or even explosive blast should be fine. I run with the caltrops that increase CC chance. Also on mp10, i drop my bat for mark that regens hatred. Also, i use spike trap echoeing blast with shadow power gloom to deal damage and heal me through the large packs.
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01/11/2013 12:24 PMPosted by Fatum
as long as you have a CM wiz

then just do whatever u want
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Ok, this is what I'm thinking for the damage spike build:

Bola Imminent Doom
Spike Trap Echoing Blast
Shadow Power Gloom
Prep Punishment
Sentry Guardian Turret
Marked for Death Grim Reaper

Custom Engineering

Since Spike Traps is the biggest damage dealer, my plan is to lay as many traps as fast as possible. My attacks per second is 2.24, so I can attack every 0.45 seconds. I have +1.27 hatred generation. This would be the skill sequence:

Secs Skill
----- -----
0.00 Marked For Death
0.45 Sentry
0.90 Spike Trap
1.35 Spike Trap
1.80 Spike Trap
2.25 Prep Punishment
2.70 Spike Trap
3.15 Spike Trap
3.60 Spike Trap
4.05 Bola
4.50 Spike Trap
4.95 Prep Punishment
5.40 Spike Trap
5.85 Spike Trap
6.30 Spike Trap
6.75 Spike Trap
7.20 Bola
7.65 Bola
8.10 Bola
8.55 Bola
9.00 Sentry

At the 4.05 mark, I inserted a Bola because the traps fire every 1.2 seconds so the 7th trap shouldn't be set until 3.6 seconds after the 1st trap, since Custom Engineering allows only up to 6 traps at a time. By the time I've set the 11th trap, I should be just about out of hatred. From then it's just Bola and then an occasional Sentry or Trap whenever I have enough hatred.

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By the way, this build would require a lot of discipline, so I would probably use an SOJ and maybe even a full Nats instead of the Mempo. The SOJ would make sense, since the purpose of the build is to spike elites only.
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Hmm, maybe Vengeance instead of Sharpshooter. It would allow laying the 12th trap and a second Sentry.
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