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Can you guys, that are willing, let me know how to improve my DH to get a bit more DPS without loosing res or vit. I would be willing to loose res over vit but I really dont want to loose any more vit, already a bit too low IMO. Also i want to keep the dule wield, for I love the APS and cant stand the sluggish double socketed Manti. I ask you guys because I'm a DH noob and don't really know what to do to improve DPS. Also, if you guys have any pro tips for my build that you think would help I am open to those as well.

I love playing the DH and want to learn how to perfect her, a very fun class to play and great in parties that have tanks.

Thanks in advance guys,
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Get a 1200dps calamity, huge hard hitting dps gain right there, and shouldnt' cost a ton. A nice DML will also provide great survivability along with even better IAS. (15% or higher ias dml)
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Cheepest one I found was 1160 DPS and it was 65mil, not worth 65mil to me. 1200 DPS Calamitys are around 165mil-235mil woith socket any ways a bit more that what I got, but good suggestion. I have looked for a DML that was better than my Denettas, but it quite hard to find one that I can get more DPS, the ones I have looked at kill DPS about 7-10k. NOt worth it to me.
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A cheap nat's chest will gain you the 130 set bonus, that's another 10k dps right there :)
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I will get 10k DPS from Nats 130 dex bonus? I will look in to that, this might be a cheep way to get some more DPS. Thanks thats a great idea
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what's your budget and use a calculator before purchasing
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Budget is around 140-200mil and I will be checking everything on D3up before buying for sure mate
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I would keep calamity,

Sell spite and Gem,

Get good nats chest, something like 160 dex 80 vitality,

and good Dead man's 10CC 18% attack speed, +300 dex
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you are low on dex. it's also a little difficult without breaking up the blackthornes. i would take a look at a DML quiver instead of the Danetta. you are at 19% and 29% crit chance with Archery which is still low. you will not crit damage if you don't crit. if not you can look at trifecta gloves.
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I would go Innas pants and belt combo. Since calamitys are black damage the 8% holy damage from the belt will make up for loss dps from wiching hour
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Get new vile wards, the one you're wearing is incredibly bad. Even the 5-10 mill ones will give you higher dex/vit then the ones you're wearing.

Get new gloves, and take a high vit roll over a AR roll if you can't afford gloves with both. Your HP is pretty low compared to your resists and armor.
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The witching hour is so sexy I need to get one!
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according to D3up i gain arround 3.5k with a DML that has

280 dex
180 vit
15 Att speed

But if I link it in game to general chat it says that I loose 5k dps...I dont get it
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try to get one with more speed.
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1) Replace the second bow with a DM. 275/225 Dex/Vit with good AS, Crit and a specific skill that works for your run (e.g. Hunger arrow)

2) Go with a Manticore. You can get a nice upper 1275 with 80 CDammage and then add in a gem. Calamity is killer for super rich folks - but I would sell your current and get a much better DPS Manticore

3) Your CChance is low. Focus on that in general.

4) Your CDammage is low. The Manti will add another 80+ to that.

5) I would go Strongarm Bracers.

6) Sink 30m in a Mempo to take care of a ton of EhP

7) Sink 20m in a much higher Dex/Vit Vile Ward
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