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Sweeping Wind question for the pros

I'd like your opinion on Master of Wind vs Fire Storm.

What I want to know is the damage they do. From what I understand, both create a vortex that continuously deals 15% weapon damage. The only difference would be that Master of Wind last longer and Fire Storm have a higher radius.

Is that all? I mean, is dealing Fire damage any different?

Because it looks like to me that Fire Storm seems more effective now that I'm giving it a try.

I was using Cyclone like most of the Monks around but I just started using Fire Storm and found out that it wasn't bad compared to other options, even better than Blade Storm. It seems to me that I see ennemies health bar lowering faster.

Because I do a lot of crits, Cyclone probably remain on top for afficiency but Fire Storm seems the 2nd best option.
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I am definately not a pro, but here i go

By being "fire" damage it changes the skill away from black (no element) to elemental fire damage. I am not sure if mobs have resistances, but that could be why you see an added effect or a reduced effect.
Just the fact of the larger radius may look like it is dealing more damage as it can more easily hit mobs as the edge of the SW hit box isn't particularly clear.
You can make firestorm more intersting by using a Maximus (adds % to fire skills) or two piece zunis
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01/12/2013 09:36 AMPosted by Caracarn
You can make firestorm more intersting by using a Maximus (adds % to fire skills) or two piece zunis

or burning axe of sarkis
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the difference dear brutus lies in that you can stack other gear that grants benefits to elemental or fire damage. the equivalent for master is physical (+dmg on rings and the like).

when selecting SW runes you have to consider the totality of your damage sources.
so while -your- fire SW may suck vs physical, another persons physical may suck and so on.
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