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The (Un)official PTR Dueling Thread thoughts

Can we consolidate into one thread? (Updated 1/16/2013 with more information and will try to update more if available/requested)

Wizard related, and then other class related and build suggestions

General hints:
1) You probably don't need more than one offensive spell unless you go up against some one with humongous damage mitigation, as I was 1-shotting a lot of people with a simple spell such as Magic Missile-Seeker. Anything DPS over 100k or so is about all it needed it seems

2) Attack speed seems to be incredibly useful, as when I changed from normal wand -> to an attack speed/MM -> to a +AS chants, I got off more 'shots'.. and as you don't need many to win..

3) Unstable anomaly is awesome, and will be used alot (probably required). I tried out Blur (didn't seem to help much at the fast pace, and especially since ranged combat rules so far) but helpful if a Barb or Monk jumps on you. Illusionist is probably the close 2nd (cooldown resets). Evocation is helpful, Temporal Flux and CM are both useable (especially combining arcane's slow with other arcane dmg spells). There is no benefit to using conflag, cold blooded, arcane dynamo that most people have noticed. Regular 'spin-up' CM/SNS layouy is not really helpful and not recommended

4) Blizzard is too slow to kill in PVP (tested it on a few people moving and standing still). Ray of Frost, Disintegrate, Arcane Orb are somewhat slow when people moving around (Seemed like everyone had at least 24% runspeed at minimum), but some people are reporting some ability to use ROF/Disintegrate. Archon is OK for a OSK (Arcane destruction), but the uptime/cooldown in a 4p FFA would be ridiculous. Arcane and Lightning Hydra have both been suggested to just 'drop' off and let them do the killing while you 'avoid/run/avoid'. Some reports of Arcane still being too slow. No to twisters, and no good reports on spectral blade, torrent, or shock pulse

5) Energy armor (force) good - prismatic pretty useless given current dps, Storm armor (shocking/shocking) good, Ice armor (crystallize) decent.

6) Defensive spells will be the best - Teleport (fracture, calamity, safe passage, etc) all worked well. Wave of Force is actually really good (impactful or force affinity), as well as Diamond Skin (crystal), and Slow Time (Miasma/perpetuity). Multiple people are having lots of good luck with Mirror Images as a cc breaker.

(I personally ran (about 120-150k) dps, about 2.5-2.7 aps, at about 85% damage mitigation/60k hp, and ran magic missile-seeker (L), teleport(r), with DS/WOF/Slow Time-Force armor the most, with Unstable Anomaly-Illusionist-Evocation.)

Other players:
1) Barbs have it bad I think, cause once they get hit with something (freeze, stun, etc) they're pretty much done for as they don't seem to have something to break CC. I teleported on most or froze them, pretty simple. Kiting away from them and letting Storm Armor do the job seems to also work.
2) DH are going to be a pain in the butt which seems to be the general consensus - with SS/Hunger Arrow or Smoke Screen - I have not reliably figured out how to counteract the fact that Smoke screen is a good long 1.5 sec and they can activate it almost nonstop.. it's very hard to catch them and actually 'freeze/stun/something them"
3) Monk can serenity, but the cooldown for them also wears out.. and they also eventually run out of spirit sometimes, so it wasn't a big problem
4) Witch Doctors with Haunt seem to be somewhat of a problem, along with Spirit Walk

Will add info as we figure out how to counter certain things.


Link to James' PVP build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7591982444
Uses Lightning Hydra/Teleport, Slow Time, WOF, Mirror Image, Storm Armor + Illusionist/Unstable Anomaly/Open

Link to Aimless' PVP build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7592802550
Uses "aimless" - Blizzard + Lightning Hydra + Thunderstorm with Teleport/DS/MI Duplicates with a Skorn 2h

Link to Nitro's discussion on "Aggressive PVP builds" http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7593582647
Less defensive skills, more aggressive offensive spells
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Does Regen work well? JWNZ has been telling all of us for the past week that Regen is the way to go for PVP.
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I don't have enough regen stuff to be able to tell you, but I would say, in the 'free for all' 4 people, every person for themselves.. no, because it's basically a 'cluster' and you're getting hit from everywhere.. so many kills are just 'oops, I killed them because someone else had already weakened them'

1 vs 1.. I don't think so, but don't have good enough equipment to tell you - everyone seems to get 1-2 shotted, so what is there to regen if you're already dead.. maybe someone with better equipment could test it

I don't like 4 player FFA.. at all.

One last thing.. don't try to perma-freeze - doesn't work well with 4 running around, even with evocation/high CD-cooldown with CM/Frost Nova (low cooldown timer)... 1 on 1 it might work some, but Monk serentiy, DH smoke screen, and WD Spirit Walk all break it, so it isn't going to be easy to do

May be time to look at a lot of equipment that helps with other effects.. One person had a very high dmg, high stun EF, and that seemed to work well.. close to 'perma-stun'.
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01/15/2013 05:20 PMPosted by booger73
high stun EF

Do you mean high fear Echoing Fury? How did that go?
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Life regen blows.

So far its:

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efs and sikles are a !@#$% actually all cc is a ^-*!@ u get ccd u die.
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yeah wd are a pain im having nightmares with haunt.
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My thoughts.

#1 There is no point in facing a legacy Nat user unless you can go invulnerable yourself for 90% of the time

#2 CC effects (azurewrath) are a free win, if you stun/freeze your opponent(s) its game over no matter their mitigation.

#3 Movement/teleport is must have Also in that regard Arcane mines are really good at denying your opponents the ability to engage in melee.

#4 Blizzard/Orb still Blow so does hydra. Defensive skills are a must.

#5 Frost nova + wave of force impactful is a good 5 seconds of full stun on any opponent that cant immediettly break the cc effect.
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01/15/2013 05:22 PMPosted by jenpeezey
high stun EF

Do you mean high fear Echoing Fury? How did that go?

THIS could be interesting
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btw i stacked a lot of damage and reduced damage vs elites, didnt seem to be doing much. opinions, havent been able to do real testing
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01/15/2013 05:30 PMPosted by ximae
btw i stacked a lot of damage and reduced damage vs elites, didnt seem to be doing much. opinions, havent been able to do real testing

Doesnt work.

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Sorry.. I meant high 'fear'.. feels like a stun as you're running away useless

But Yes, an Echoing Fury with high fear that hits you.. you're in trouble because you're 'cc''d for the time you run away.. I'm not sure I could break the cc with a skill (teleport/whatever) at all, and was stuck just running away.. (or maybe my skill was on cooldown when I was trying to break it)

I forgot to mention, but WD with haunt.. ugh.
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Also in that regard Arcane mines are really good at denying your opponents the ability to engage in melee

Heh. I thought a while ago that mines could be semi-useful. :-P

Looks like Unstable Anomaly is the win for dueling.
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This is what I used earlier and I was having no trouble:

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01/15/2013 05:11 PMPosted by Un1ver5e
Does Regen work well? JWNZ has been telling all of us for the past week that Regen is the way to go for PVP

He said arcane orbs would dominate too.
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Life regen blows.

So far its:


If this is true, it's a surprise to me that WD is good and barb is the worst. Well at least we can just swap gear to WD and play WD if wiz are that bad in dueling.

I'm very surprised that they haven't altered the damage intake. I always said it's gonna be one shot game if nothing changes. And many others probably thought the same as well. From what people say here, it seems just like I predicted. Gonna try ptr. gonna be fun.
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mirror image is a must in my opinion, u must have some sort of cc breaker, if u get cced ur dead from what i saw
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nothing is working for me lol...or im just weak.
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damn, I'm gonna start leveling up my WD. I had a feeling they would be good.

Anyone stacking elite damage reduction and is sure it doesn't work? :(
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best fun ive had was with 1v1 wiz vs wiz... its still 2-3 mms and dead
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