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The (Un)official PTR Dueling Thread thoughts

legacy nats DH op

that 0.5 sec of visibility is the time it takes seeker to get from you to them. (which is bad)

Monks can be kited with temporal, ditto with barb. Fast monks can be very bad, too many gap closers.

Slow time does not slow: WD's haunt, DH's strafe, DH's multishot, Barb's throw weap
Found it far less useful than I thought.

WD Hex lasts forever.

I think dex classes shine here with dex providing good dodge against almost everything.

All of wiz's arcane spenders are garbage.
- Orb: easily dodged way too slow. Only hits in melee range
- Arcane torrent: channelling and slow. Arcane Mines on ground are always visible
- RoF/disint: good in theory, bad in practise. No.1 concern is that it makes you very visible to everyone. Might be decent in 1v1s but staying still and shorter range than seeker makes it bad.
- Meteor: The cast anim is very visible (just like the a4 demons). Epic lulz if it hits. lulz fade to sads when u realize the monk had serenity on.
- Twisters: I guess u can mise a kill that way
- Wave of Force: FANTASTIC SPELL! No really it actually rocks. Stuns, pushback and reflects projectiles!
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Wiz is actually pretty good for dueling. Barb seems to not do so well. I played with many 100 para guys including well geared monk and I did a lot more killing than dying with dps gear.

Lightning armor and hydra are quite OP for dueling and mirror image is a must. I thought mocking demise rune would be better but like someone mentioned earlier, the 5 image one seems better. Unstable anomoly or w/e its called, thatpassive is good. Teleport I would say wormhole or don't even bother because you're fighting against other people, not monsters, hence they catch up to you very fast especially monks. Even wormhole doesn't seem like a fast enough run away skill at times.

Wormhole is bugged you can only cast it 4 successive times the 5th fails.

the 5 is for mirror image not wormhole..................

anyways leg nats dh are too op
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01/15/2013 05:11 PMPosted by Un1ver5e
Does Regen work well? JWNZ has been telling all of us for the past week that Regen is the way to go for PVP.

regen helps a little if your dueling wizard vs wizard.... i dont care what anyone says the wizard is the worst pvp class out there by 1000% it absolutely sucks. Wizard vs. Wizard is simi fun but 90% of the duel is contingent on who's shocking armor hits first.. there is very little skill involved and much nerf needed. the wizard blows balls in pvp.
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something to add:

Monks are ridiculous. With their strange 50% stun chance weapon + serenity + sss + dash + thunder port = G f***** G.
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You were killed by Fist of Thunder Fist of Thunder Fist of Thunder Fist of ThunderFist of Thunder Fist of Thunder Fist of Thunder Fist of Thunder Fist of Thunder Fist of Thunder Fist of Thunder
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Time bubble does slow barb's throw. I used it vs. one that was pwning me hard, and turned it around with that alone

For Monk's, play defensively. Use wormhole, let storm armor thunder storm + lightning hydra recasting in front of you as you run away, cast blizz along with hydra for the snare. Main focus is just running and casting your indirect/passive attacks, letting that do the damage, keeping the monk from getting into "The Kill Zone"
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01/15/2013 11:44 PMPosted by Infernii
You were killed by Fist of Thunder Fist of Thunder Fist of Thunder Fist of ThunderFist of Thunder Fist of Thunder Fist of Thunder Fist of Thunder Fist of Thunder Fist of Thunder Fist of Thunder

LOL +1

But then again, for them, it's

You were killed by Blizzard Stark Winter Storm Armor Thunder Storm Blizzard Stark Winter Storm Armor Thunder Storm Magic Missile Blizzard Stark Winter Storm Armor Thunder Storm Blizzard Stark Winter Storm Armor Thunder Storm
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omg i kept saying lightning armor....

Yea storm armor is too good.
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My thoughts...

- Wizard is not the worst class in PvP, at all
- Stack DPS, mainly crit dmg, and you will kill everything with just Storm Armor
- Archon guys with high DPS will win

But, how can we fight invisibility? If that DH/WD knows the stuff, u have absolutely no chance.

Long story short: wow at Blizz
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i think archon with bubble will beat DH?
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Yeah SS DH is so OP lol. I fought with a 500k DPS DH he just SS, jump to me and bam bam GG. Actually I don't think PvP is a one-shot fest, I can usually take like 3 hits before death. And I saw a Barb with 100k DPS can't even do more than 15% to me lol (Illusionist didn't even activate).

For those who think Blizz sucks, it's a strong AoE spell, I use it (with the Freeze Rune) to control the field, pretty fun to use. Once they are slowed or frozen, just Port in and do w/e I want to them. I also use Arcane Destruction, it's a OHKO lol
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01/15/2013 07:08 PMPosted by Imperial
Have you tried mocking demise rune for mirror image? I figured the chance to stun might be good.

Nope. Thing is, you better dont get hit by a Hota barb and its pretty fun looking at them when they miss due to the confusion caused by 5 wiz. It might be good tho.

Well, I use MD and it's quite useful tbh. I found that it's not so hard to stun because the explosion radius is quite good. 5 Clones are also useful, but I prefer to stun and finish the match quickly.
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01/15/2013 06:03 PMPosted by Sphinx
If this is true, it's a surprise to me that WD is good and barb is the worst. Well at least we can just swap gear to WD and play WD if wiz are that bad in dueling.

I'm not surprised, but then again I have a decent number of hours into both wiz and WD.

Crowd control is king... WD just have so many skills that are auto-target fire+forget with good range and secondary CC effects. Defensively, WD have a CC breaker with high uptime, plus spirit vessel passive means you gotta kill it twice.

Over on the WD forums, guys with crap gear are claiming to own everyone except good DH.

The 0s zombie dog guys are SOL because health globes heal everyone, LOL.
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ok this is the best for me>ray of light numb>mirror image >fracture>diamond skin crystal>hydra arcane n sa..the mirror n fracture will constantly up n i use this to take damage while my hydra is giving dmg .u hav to run n kite n let hydra do the dmg,it be suicide to tank with all other classes.

just finished playing with my friend dh 1 on 1 n not bad at all.his dps 250 ehp 1.1 mil.so u guys can try this 1,tried other skill but was pawned.
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I did best with seeker/fracture/force weapon/crystal shell/thunder storm/stark winter/illusionist/glass cannon/cold blooded.

RoF cold blood worked ok in place of MM.

Swapping fire bolts in for MM and conflag instead of illusionist actually wasn't too bad vs melee. Drop blizz and stand your ground spamming shock pulse and make them come to you. Even took out a couple monks this way.

Barbs are really helpless vs seeker (as long as you avoid any weapon throw projectiles) you just kite them with fracture and blizz.

Seemed like monks were just avoiding til they got serenity back up. And, well, if you can be killed and your opponent can't...that's usually not going to end great for you.

DHs all just SS when they see you and then dump all their hatred with loaded for bear guaranteed crits. That's gg.

WDs between grasp o' the dead, hex, haunt, and spirit walk are pretty tough.
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yeah wd are my toughest oponents so far, havent battled against a leg nat dh though.

the only way to get out of haunt is with mi and if they are combining hex with it its just impossible coz u gotta use mi to get outa chicken mode and then haunt rapes you as mi is out of cooldown and it doesnt do enough damage at once to reset cooldown via illusionist.
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01/16/2013 01:02 AMPosted by RobertVarga
But, how can we fight invisibility? If that DH/WD knows the stuff, u have absolutely no chance.

Storm armor can hit invisible ones, i think. So you will know where they are , then use blizzard .
Am i wrong ?
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I've updated the first post with information and hopefully some links as we gather in some more

Anyone who has some good ideas with regards to

DH: smoke screen and
WD: hex, haunt, spirit walk

Please let us know/point us towards a good thread
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I was thinking about this last night, but hadn't gotten a chance to do it/try it, maybe tonight..

Anyone try using (choose defensive skills - storm armor, DS, ROF, Mirror Image, Slow Time or some combination of)

Offensive (I was using MM-Seeker) but instead:
Has anyone tried just placing something like only Meteor-Meteor Shower on the offensive click button.. it's got so much 'range and coverage', @ 7 meteors of 104% damage, one or two should be able to take most people out.. Only bad is the 50 AP power to cast, but it certainly does more damage than Blizzard (stark winter -- which, by the way, does not work at all.. too slow)
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mirror images cancels hex and removes haunt, problem is the combo u use the cool down on one and the other kills you. I want to try if fracture removes haunt too, see if with 2 images spells we can live through the combo. I cant give it a shot till tomorrow though
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