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My WD sucks pls help!

What should i get to have more dps or anything helpful for that matter?

I can't play any MP higher than 4, it's kinda sad.

What upgrade and build do you recommend?
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At your current dps, your lifesteal cannot help you to survive well.
You need some life-on-hit gear.
Get a blackthrone pants.

And I dont see any critical chance gear anywhere....
Upgrade ur gear with more CC...
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First thing you need to improve is glove, get one with Critical Chance & Critical Damage

Same for both of your Ring and Amulet, CC & CD too.

Get the Zuni Helm, it's pretty cheap and next is the Zuni Boots.

The bracer you can get Strongman Arm Bracer, also quite cheap.
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yeah, might need some damage increase as the above suggested but I'd also recommend some sort of life on hit or life steal and run acid cloud if you need that extra survivability when it comes to healing =)
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*click link for the free bj* :( misled
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Everybody here already said about about how to improve your DPS but I see your defence also weak need to increase more all resis and try keep your HP when change your gear.
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Get on it boss just take a look at some of the doctors around here see whats more your style
All res-any extra single res is good physical or arcane prefer
Crit chance
Crit dmg
Attack speed-only if u got high mana regen and descent mana
Life on hit/life steal/life regen-important for high mp
Dmg against elits
These are all choice
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I'll try to keep it simple and clean as possible:


Currently you are on the right track as far as HP and Armor. But you are lacking in All Resist (AR).

Your DPS is low because you are lacking CC and CD. From the looks of it you have 0 CC from gear, that CD from your weapon is basically useless with your low CC.

*Tip* Attack speed is most definitely useful for all classes, but in your situation you should focus on these offensive stats INT > AVG DMG > CC > CD > AS


Shoulders - Lacking AR and low INT roll. Vile ward is a good option, but if you are short on budget look for shoulders with around 50~ AR, 150~ INT, 100~VIT (go higher if it fits your budget)

Helm - The main stats on that helm is decent. But it is lacking CC and an Open Socket (OS). 4 piece Zuni is not mandatory, but it is most definitely beneficial for higher MPs. For a cheap alternative helm look for a Zuni Vision with 230~+ INT and Mana Regen (MR).

If you have a higher budget for the helm go for one with CC. For me I like to use the MR version for higher MPs.

Amulet - Your amulet have like no offensive stats. Look for one with 7%+ CC, 40%+ CD, 150+ INT and average damage. If you have the budget for it you can add VIT to your search also. If you like legendaries, just get a cheap Tal's ammy with high INT and VIT + Average damage.

Chest - Stats on your chest is ok. If you choose to upgrade, try to get a Zuni Marrow with 190~+ VIT, 100~+ INT. The last time I check, higher VIT Marrows are cheaper than higher INT ones.

Legs - Your legs are lacking VIT and 2xOS. Try to find one with similar stats but with 2x OS and VIT. Try searching: 2x OS, 130~+ INT, 100+ VIT, 50~+ AR.

Gloves - BIS are usually rares. There are good T&T gloves out there, but they cost a fortune. Try to look for a pair of gloves with: 7+% CC, 25%+ CD, 150+ INT. Any addition AR or VIT would be good if it fits your budget.

Bracers - Strongarm bracers - Best bang for your buck imo. (Really cheap)

Belt - You might not be able to afford a witching hour, so try to find a belt with 50~+ AR, 130+~ INT and 100~ + VIT. %life would also be a plus if you can afford it.

Rings - Both your rings are bad. If you want higher dps look for - 90+ INT, 3%+ CC, 25%+ CD. If you can afford it add VIT and/or average damage into the search.

Boots - Junk them kicks brahh. You need higher VIT, INT and some AR. Movement speed it great but if you can't afford it, don't worry about it. Look for 150~+ INT 150~+ VIT and 50~+ AR.

Weapon - If you upgrade all of the items above, your dps should shoot up to at least 70k or so w/o PTV, if that is the case, you can keep your weapon. LS starts to shine at around 80k+ dps.

Mojo - the 2 piece bonus is pretty crap. I would take 8% Crit over the 120 INT. A decent Thing of the deep right now will cost you no more than 5M.

Good luck!

If you need help in game for gearing you can add me @ Recount#1901.
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as others have stated
you need cc and cd
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All the advice above is pretty solid. My only suggestion is to upgrade your gems after you fix the urgent issues.
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thank you guys, specially you Recount for taking the time to summarize it all. I'll add you.
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