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Drop from 2.7x to 2.5x speed effect?

As title. Will dropping into the next lower bp effect LOH, APOC and Freezing state much?
By this i gain more 4-5cc, makes to 60, and way more migration.
So i dont need to be stuck with the tal ammy and inna pants/lacuni.
And NO i cannot afford higher cc tri tal ammy nor those 2b force source -_-


And since pvp is coming right up soon, ww bp isn't that viable in pvp right?
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Yes, it will lower your LoH and APoC returns, but not by as much as lowering from 2.5 to 2.3 breakpoint. It will also probably keep you from being able to properly chain freeze ubers. As far as everything besides Uber, if you can raise your char sheet dps by a decent margin, I say it's worth trying. I had few problems at the 2.5 APS breakpoint when I was there and the main reason I went for 2.73 is Ubers. I could still freeze mobs fairly well and I didn't have any survival issues against single targets (not counting A2 keywarden, but he's pretty annoying regardless of APS).
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i run at the 2.3 and 2.5 bp and its easier on the hands but you have to micro everything. For KW just teleport away and restart..
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@Loroese : It does not raise my sheet dps. Infact it drop.
Changing torward 9.5/10cc AR tal raises 10k, but dropping inna pants for AR/armor blackthrone i lost back the dps gained. The only gain is EHP, some LOH and a few extra cc. (And the look of the black pants...).
My main wasn't on uber, mostly mobs/elite only. So freezing single wont be effected by that much as before in 2.7x?
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@RulerEric : actually i was viewing random profile and i bump into urs XD. By seeing your speed the question pop out. So how did u do at uber? other then magna/sk, the rest stay frozen till dead?
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As long as you don't lose dps, you can give it a try. If you have high latency you might even see some small effective dps gain. It depends a bit on how much EHP you gain though, since higher APS usually means you can get away with slightly less EHP and LoH. In my experience, any crit over 50% doesn't do much for the build aside from increase your eDPS and char sheet dps. With 100 latency I'm seeing AP saturation against single targets and still get button presses not registering so extra crit has little impact.

Then again, others claim they notice the difference between 50 and 55% crit, or some comparable gain.
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