Diablo® III

You have been slain by a Fallen Maniac


I think its pretty hilarious how Blizzard thinks this is, in any way, a fair monster in this game.
The only time I ever die in game is from rubber-banding with the ever-angering and bugged build of TR monk, and all other times, it is from fallen maniacs...

Let me get this straight......

Im running with 7k armor, 50k+ life, 700 AR, etc with a monk. You mean to tell me, you made a monster that runs at you a million miles an hour and explodes instantly when it reaches you? My god worst idea ever.
Not everyone can come in game and shoot arrows or lasers or fire balls at them at a distance.
What about the close combat toons like monk and barb that have no choice but to sit there and explode instantly like a runt, to put it nicely.

Even with so much protection, all it takes is ONE or TWO maniacs to destroy you. and you only have a split second to kill them.

Reduce their damage or increase their explosion delay more. That simple.
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I thought they have like a 3 second delay because of this problem?
not if they start running from a far. ill come onto screen and ill see maniac in distance coming straight at me. By the time they reach me I cant even swing once before they explode. Makes me sick to my stomach
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If youre talking about your Monk he only has 29k life (how did you get that many elite kills with less then 30k life...??). Naturally you cant absorb huge hits with a small life pool.
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Agreed, these mobs are way out of balance. It's like they snuck an mp10 mob into mp2. Nothing kills me on mp2 besides maniacs, at higher mps and multiplayer they are worse. Don't change the timing on them, don't make the explosion smaller, just effing get rid of them. Completely imbalanced.
Or you could just run from them when you see them coming. They don't necessarily blow up when they reach you. After they 'arm' themselves there is a time limit to when they blow up. You don't even have to kill them, just kite them a bit until they explode then move on if you can't 1-shot them.
I use them to kill other packs!!
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