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Remove NV from existance

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Beat act 2 last night on mp0 for the first time with my DH... it wasn't bad, especially for my wacky build... regarldess, no upgrades, 1 set item did drop for my wizard but this was for 3 hours or play or so... so kinda dull if you ask me. I started my playthrough with so much "fire in my belly" and when I was done... I just kinda felt like... ehhhh this isn't really fun. The biggest draw now is leveling my paragon, but even that will fade soon. I'm hoping patch 1.0.7 will address this.

Also, I had 5 stacks of NV most of the time and because I enjoy my build I never changed... but quite frankly I forgot at NV.... it's really just a tacked on feature that doesn't help the "fun" of this game. Now, if each stack gave 50 MF, I might love it then... because I'd be at around 2 legendaries a run (long run)... but at the very least it would be fun.

Again I noticed some things.
-game is too lighthearted at times...
-character interactions are silly and ruin the atmosphere
-Creatures are too "cartoony" and have tiny feet and silly little features that make them more suited for wow...
-Zoltun Kuule's guardians are ripped straight from WoW... replace that crap with something from like from Sinbad the Sailor with 6 arms (Sheva in the Hindu faith) made of metal or something more "middle eastern"
-I could go on and on... the atmosphere is lacking.

-HOWEVER the game is (other than with initial lag) a very smooth running game and I commend you all for that!
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I would like to see NV removed...it is a hindrance when it comes to trying out new skills builds and it definitely factors in changing skills...therefore LESS build diversity.
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Anyone else?
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NV needs to give buffs past 5 kills so people can play longer sessions then 10 minutes.
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Like I suggested earlier, NV should stack to a larger number... and ONLY go away at a rate of 1 stack per hour... and 1 stack per skill swap. I think that is a legitimate fix to this.
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