First off I'm not entirely sure where to post this. Feel free to move it to the proper forum.

I would like to share my results with my 2.7/16/768 Macbook Pro retina. These settings will ensure you a rock steady 30fps. I see a lot of posts coming up about lag and other issues. You have to remember that these are laptops and not dedicated gaming machines in any way.

So for play on the retina display its self these settings haven't let me down. Note you can increase the max foreground fps if you'd like. It is smoother in lighter areas but expect some choppiness when transitioning. The UI remains sharp and clear regardless of the resolution you pick. Which is a huge bonus. Not a lot of games do that.

Now if you are like me and occasionally play on a 1080p screen. I use my 55" TV. Increase the shadows to High (Smooth) and enjoy. If you lower the shadows you can get even higher frames.

Display - Full Screen
Resolution - 2068x1292 (16:10 Widescreen)
Letterbox - No
Vertical Sync - No
Max Foreground FPS - 30
Max Background FPS - 8
Gamma - 100%
Texture Quality - High
Shadow Quality - Low (Smooth)
Physics - High
Clutter Density - High
Anti-Aliasing - Yes
Low FX - No

I hope this helps some people out. I couldn't be happier with the performance. Good job devs.