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Need gear advice

Hey fellow DHs, I am kind of stuck to what to upgrade next. I know my gear are rather budget, I only have 50m at the moment.

Beem stuck here for a while, really appreciate any advice

Thanks in advance
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For dps: upgrading the gem in your weapon to radiant star gets you 7k dps for 20M and you get to keep the gem forever. Upgrading to star gems in chest gets you 1.4k dps for ~3.5M the star gems are a slightly better deal as dps/gold.

For EHP: getting a Nat's ring with crit damage should only cost 20-30M and you can get a non crit mempo for 5m+ depending on what you're ready to pay. Those together should give you a significant EHP and maintain or increase your dps.

More generally, you could also upgrade your gloves to something with 9-10 cc, 30 cd, dex and vit. I'd also suggest upgrading you amulet something with both 6.5+cc and 50+cd w/ 100+ dex.
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From a stat standpoint your weakness is eHP due to total life and resist all. Those need to come way up. From an item standpoint, your necklace and non-HF ring are both weak and could be dramatically improved with your budget. You have some nice items to build around, especially the weapon, so I would go for max DPS on jewelry replacements with some all resist on one, the other, or even both. You can resocket you gear as a short to mid term fix to get your life up over 35k (bare minimum to handle spike damage). Those gems should be 42s minimum and 46s ideally. As you get more with gear upgrades and leveling you can revert back to socketing for damage. My entire setup was less than your upgrade budget, so I have no doubt you can get the gains you are looking for with 50M.
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First of all thank you guys for the insightful tips and advices

I got to upgrade my gems a few levels. Got a mempo (works great btw), then I realize...

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