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Saved up $200 blizzard dollars HELP

Hey guys I am a 100k CM wizard looking to make my way to the 200-300k wiz with attack speed up to 3. I need help choosing what to upgrade first and foremost. Thoughts guys? I also have extra money to spend plus my 200 bucks so I need maybe shandie or some top wizard herer to help gear me better. (I think most of my stuff I can keep)
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That's about 700M+ gold ($200). Gotta get nat set - nat ring with at least 4.5 cc and attack speed of 9 ann get nat boot. get your cc boosted to 11.5cc. Then get a descent chantodo force and if you want to take a short cut on aps, then get a chantodo will with ias or socket chantodo will if you want more cd. That should exhause your fund.
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I can tell you one thing not to do with that $200. Don't buy the SC2 Wings of Liberty Digital Deluxe version for the D2 wings. The animation sucks compared to the D2 CE wings.
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100% won't be able to reach your DPS goal with $200 dollars worth of gold...

I'd say with 1B you'll hit 150k dps with 3aps and effective defenses.

I'd say probably spread your gold over some critical items.

300m - wand
300m - force
400m - Nats ring + boot

Thats all you got room for.
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Thanks for reply guys. I will look into this. Pleas people if you have more advice let me know I DONT WANNA waste money
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Pay someone to build it for you so you don't blow your cash like so many people do.
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upgrade gloves with as,cd,cc. get the same with amulet make sure u aim for high average damage. get a chants force. get zuni boots. switch to blackthorns pants and storm crow and u can get a better ring to up your dps alot. then u can get a better chantodo's will with as. get some lacuni with cc.look for items without a buyout.sage gear is junk. i don't use glass cannon when I'm doing cm and have 120k dps and it cost me roughly 60mill
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01/16/2013 11:01 PMPosted by salameri544
Pleas people if you have more advice let me know I DONT WANNA waste money

best way to avoid wasting money/gold is to do ample research before purchasing items (such as looking at other cm wizard profiles to see what items theyre using and why). If you have a friend with cm gear willing to let you test some pieces that will also help you figure out which gear pieces will do what.

for calculating your aps, here's the equation so you can figure out how much IAS you will need:

(desired aps, such as 2.73 or 3.01) / (your weapon aps) = 1._ _ _ _ _

where the first two "_ _" after the 1 will be the % IAS you will need to reach the desired aps.

your priorities for gear should be:

1) hit 2.73 aps (or 3.01 if you prefer but 2.73 is fine) and 50 cc
2) defensive stats: 750 AR, 5k armor, 1k LoH, 35k hp (obviously having more is not a bad thing)
3) dps

here are some profiles of CM wizards that have high-end gear. They each use slightly different gearing approaches as you will notice:


or like boozer said you could just pay someone to get your gear for you (any of the people I linked above would be more than capable of picking out the right gear for you if you're able to get in touch with one of them).
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