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Just Hit 60. CM Wiz Must Haves... Set/Legs

Just got to lvl 60. Rolling a CM Wiz, and I have a solid gear/stat guide, but what are some of the "TYPES" of gear to look out for (Legendary/Set Items)?

1.) Weapon: Sword? Wand? Dagger? 1H (DH's use Manticore for 2 sockets, Barbs like Skorn etc...)
2.) Certain type of Set items to go after? (Blackthorn) (ie. DH's use Nats and Innas for their bonus)
3.) How come most people recommend Physical Resist? Do I stack this? Whats the reason?
4.) Why is LOH needed? I'm hearing 400 LOH should be sufficient.

NOTE: Alot of my examples are of DH's cause thats all I know :(

Thanks guys!
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chants set, either ias or crit dmg/open socket wand
we also often use nats boots and ring for the cheap cc
storm crow helm cause of the loh and apoc is great for starters
rule of thumb is 800 loh for every 100k dps

there are other base stat requirements that u can find in pieholes and loreses threads on gearing a cm/sns wiz
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Honestly I have about 3 Million Gold (Very Little)................ I'm in no rush to make him a beast YET. Just looking for a good set of ideas and goals to try and achieve.

I power leveld my Wiz with a buddy, and just figured I'd farm his gear (Wiz) with my DH. So as of now I'm farming gold/items for the Wiz.

Is a Strom Crow better than a MEmpo?

I would figure my first purchase would be the weapon?

I got a long road ahead of me but thanks for all the info guys!!!
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my mempo was found, and its the only reason why im wearing it, mempo is basically for when u have a bil+ to afford a cc mempo and 9+apoc chants force

thats why storm crow is way better than a mempo since it gives u loh and apoc, also has one random roll cc>ar>anything else
u can gear an upto mp3-4 capable cm wiz for a million i believe, look for posts by boozer he did it maybe 2 or more months ago
basic stats tho are 19or 20 apoc when ur above 2.5 ias must use diamond skin -prism tho
at 2.73 u must still have 19 to 20 apoc but then u can use any diamond skin rune
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Helm: Storm Crow? Mempo?
Bracers: Lucani or strongarm?
Gloves: Yellow? Sage?
Shoulders: Vile Ward?
Boots: Zumassa? NAts?
Chest: Yellow? Blackthorn?
Pants: Yellow? Blackthorn?
Weapon: Chantadoo? Any Others? Leg?
Off Hand: ????

Definitely missing some sets/legs, and dont mind the spelling
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Helm: Storm Crow?
Bracers: rare
Gloves: Yellow (ias and cc)
Shoulders: Vile Ward?
Boots: ice climbers
Ring1: rare with ias and cc
ring 2: rare with ias and cc
Ammy: ias, cc, loh
belt: wh belt with armor or ar
Chest: rare? or tal rasha with armor and either phys or fire resist
Pants: Yellow?
Weapon: Chantadoo? sloraks madness
Off Hand: chantado or oculus if use sloraks

rare or tasker and theo
tr with armor and ar
wh belt with armor and ar
jousting mails with ar and either armor or vit
nats boots
nats ring
trifecta ring
chants set
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with a 3 mill budget i would go with any rares that fit the stats of ias and cc% you can get a cheap storm crow helm and sloraks wand, not sure about sources though. Probably a vile ward for shoulders, but rare shoulders and pants will be just good as they will be your stat boost peices rather then ias and cc, leave that for the ammy and rings. Chest can be a tuff one but if your willing to compromise on ias and some intel you can get a cheap tal rasha chest with 3os 8ias int and vit.

that should round you out in the 3 mill mark with all your gear i hope, but you will need ot be patient and fine the bargains and wait for those last min auctions that people may have missed
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