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CM Wiz Help Pls

So my friend recently came upon a drop and got himself 40m which is probably nothing compared to most of you, but it's definitely enough to upgrade him. He asked me for help and obviously I am not good at playing the wizard class, and theres no one else to ask aside from you guys!

Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Anarchy-1886/hero/12959038

What should he be upgrading first?

Thank You

P.S. He would like some tips on Archon as well for fast farming.
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so help me maybe :)?
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archon is basically dps; armor; vit; all resist; cc; cd; some aspd. your main concern with archon is the uptime and mobility. so you turn to teleport rune instead of improved, that already kills your dps if you're not up to par on that yet.

then your next problem is keeping your buffs up. they will run out (5 mins for shield with galvanizing, magic weapon, familiar).

knowing when and where to time out from archon and when to use it again is extremely helpful. this is where knowing mob density comes in handy.

just saw the profile and judging from it, he's using a cm/ww archon hybrid. using cm/ww to cool down archon when he prematurely comes out of it.

this is viable but very limiting. i suggest dropping this and just focus on a solid archon build.

with the correct buffs, he will reach 100k easily but he will be pure glass cannon. why? low armor and all resist. he'll be dead before fully utilizing his archon especially against reflect.

i suggest getting his armor and all resist up first.
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Thank You for the help.
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The archon build is just for low MP farming as it stands. I can't pull it off above MP3 or so. If I want to be more serious, I use a more standard Critical Mass build with explosive blast and slow time (replacing archon and magic weapon, respectively).

With this in mind, am I correct to assume that all res is less important and I want to focus on crit % and damage? Also, I'm not really sure where I can upgrade all res since it will be extraordinarily expensive on the gear that doesn't already have it (tal rasha's, lacuni, rings, amulet), and less of a difference on the gear that does have it.
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no u still want to add all res because u will get hit by stuff and especially cause of reflect dmg,
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long story short: get you survivability up. dps is really REALLY easy to get up but balanced with survivability, that's where you'll be truly tested. i don't see the rush for 150k-300k-400k and above dps really.
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Archom seems to work OK for MP5/6 keyfarming as well.
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