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Two ideas to withdraw some cash from the game

Hi there.
It's not a secret, that there are already tons of gold in the game. Due to honest nerds and unhonest botters, obviously.

So, here is couple of ideas how to withdraw some cash from the game.

1. NPC selling special potions with "Shrine effect"
- Enlightened Potion
- Fortune Potion
- Frenzied Potion
- Protection Potion
- Empowered Potion
- Fleeting Potion

Cost: 100-150k per one potion.
Duration: The same as real Shrine.
I really believe that there are a lot of players who would buy such stuff. Personally I would gladly grind paragon levels using constantly 3-4 of these potions. Should withdraw a lot of cash from overheated game economy.

2. Implement a special Artisan (maybe Karina from ACT I?) for very intersing service:

1. You bring Artisan a certain ammount of different Dyes (that, we all know that, can be only bought from the NPC - so, additional cash withdrawal)
2. You pay Artisan a certain ammount of cash.
3. Artisan makes a one piece of your weapon/armor look like ANY item in the game of the same class. I think it's not that hard to write such a simple script, is it?
4. And for additional payment and materials Artisan can dye that "layer" on your equipment the colour you want.

I believe, that there are hundreds of players who want to customize the appearence of their characters. And ready to pay money for that.

That's all for now :)

ps: playing on EU.
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make a limit on those potions (like not more then 1 or 2 in your stash) and maybe 1 million gold per potion and it MIGHT be a good idea!
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Almost no one would buy it for 1kk, I'm positive 'bout that.
What's wrong with having as much potions as you can afford?
It's 2 minutes afterall - not an overpower, but a nice burst for a decent price.

Gold just need to be withdrawed from the game, untill it's too late.
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I really love the potion shrine idea! Great Job :)
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Great post. Bad title.
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1. Do you really think there would be so many players that would spend 3-4.5 mil / hour just for one of these pots? To unkeep 4 pots, you need 12-18 mil per hour :)
The idea is fine (the game really needs not just these, but many more pots!), but the price needs to be adjusted.

2. It's not so easy change, since it requires a lot of changes in ALL layers of the game.
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Sigh...forum ate my post when I tried to preview it. Guess it needed a TL:DR.

Decent idea, but the economy needs something much more drastic than some expensive pots to buy.
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Shut up and take my money!
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i just need to vanish my vile wards.

Anything else is secondary/.
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I like your first idea. But overall, the base concept should have been in D3 since day 1. We need more player services which makes it attractive for us to use our in-game currency.
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To what end are you looking for a way to remove gold from the economy? In what way do you anticipate this kind of change affecting the game?
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lol.... potions that are basicly shrines where you can stack up on them and use them 24/7.... no thank you on this.
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I'd gladly throw 300k/hr at some fleeting pots. God I love those things.
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For a $100 I'll just play the game for you.
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