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Inna's Vast Expanse or Natalya's Embrace?

So right now I plan to use most of my monk gear for my DH once I get to level 60 but I have 1 concern. My monk has 2 part set natalya and 2 part set of inna's but the 2nd part that I have for the inna's is the helm, which can't be used for DH. So should I go for 3 part set natalya (by getting natalya's embrace) or go for 2 part set inna's (by getting inna's vast expanse)? They will both give me +130 dex set bonus in the end so I'm just curious about the stats of them and which one is better.
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Get Natalya's Embrace with your skill of preference and then Inna's Favor (belt) with 9%+ Life. That way you get 3 pc Nat's and 2 pc Inna's
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Is the Inna's Favor better than Witching hour? I was planning on getting a WH on my monk next, since 3 set bonus on monk is pretty bad.
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3 pc is bad but 4pc is great, no?

anyway, many consider them side grade belts, depending on the weapon you use. All black dmg bows (no + elemental) benefit greatly from Innas Favor. 8% holy damage basically increases your total damage 8%. depending on your crit chance, WH MIGHT be better, but that's impossible for me to predict.

one thing I CAN predict, however, is that an inna's favor belt will cost you a fraction of what a WH that is a decent side grade would cost you.
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True, Inna's Favor would be a much cheaper upgrade and I'd be able to use the saved money on my weapon. By getting Inna's Favor, would that make Windforce more favorable over Manticore then?

EDIT: Only problem is that my monk has pretty decent/good CC and in a way I'm trying to keep them both upgraded, so unless Inna's Favor is cheap enough for me to possibly get both, I'm not sure how to go about this :/
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Look at my profile... that's the right answer.
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Almost all DH are geared with Nat's Boots and ring, and inna's pants, so as people have mentioned, your usual options are:

1. nat's chest for 3pc, inna's belt for 2pc
2. inna's chest for 2pc, witching hour

#1 is cheaper, and if you use a skill which matches your nat's embrace, that can be a really good dps boost.

#2 is way more expensive (I think the consensus is that any witching belt under 100M can't beat out a inna's belt that is way cheaper.) If you plan to facetank the inna's chest affix (-melee reduction) may be better than the nat's.

Other than the affix distinction and that the inna's chest rolls about 50 more average armor, the nat's chest and inna's chest can roll the exact same affxies (that you would want at least). The difference is that the inna's auto rolls up to +100dex/+100vit automatically, while the nat's has to actually random into that affix.

This means that it's much easier to find an inna's with something like 150+ dex and 250+ vit than it is to find an nat's with those stats. This also bumps up the price of the nat's a bit, but if you are (very) patient they show up in the AH at a reasonable price. At a lower price point, I think that nat's and inna's are probably both common enough for it to not matter.
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Everything will depend of your other choices. I don't think u will find "one" right answer.
Both are great, but is very difficult to find (if not impossible) one Naty's chest with hi vitality.
If you find it, you will lose some other attribute (like the one I'm using right now), and will cost you a lot.
The inna's will not give you any DH specific attribute, but will give you a lot of VIT and a descent DEX. Also have more armor and a nice feature: Reduces damage from melee attacks.

I'm curious to try the following: 2 inna pieces and 3 naty's, keeping the Witching Hour. I will probably lose some important features from my helm, but can be a nice choice to players without the gold to buy a descent mempo. In this scenario u get 130 dex from nat and 130 dext from inna.

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I own both, Nats with max disc for speed farming, Inna's for higher MP's.
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I had owned both before and currently run with inna's chest with pants and nats boots with ring. Inna's have much better EHP overall since it has melee dmg reduction (this is good in tandem with they already 5-6% on nats boots). You can also hit very high dex/vit on inna's compared to nats. Only way I'd choose nats chest over inna's is if you can get similar stats to the innas but with spike trap dmg% which are heavily expensive.
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TWH is 10 times more expensive vs Innas belt.
Good Nats armor are 5 times more expensive vs Innas chest.
1300 dps + sock WF is a little better vs 1060 dps + 2socks + 196 dex + 94 CD Manticore, for any MP, but not for Strafe build.

But at the end, all depends on ur gold.
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nats if you are using spike traps (12%+ boost can be huge jump in dps)
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Look at my profile... that's the right answer.

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