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How do you guys just stand in it? I'm getting destroyed by every pack (they always are molten for some reason) on mp3.. I have fairly decent res and hp. What am I doing wrong? Should I use a shield?

Edit: Arcane lasers as well.
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Raise your resists. try to get at least 800 AR and 5-6k armor. 40k hp should be fine. lpss through transcendence may buy some time depending on your playstyle. I've survived ubers mp4 by spamming overawe with transcendence.
Use deadly reach-keen eye to hit the elites from outside the elemental damage pools. It will take you longer to kill them, however you shouldn't die. I'd also look into swapping MoH for MoE-hard target. The additional armor from DR and MoE-HT should help quite a bit.

Or, you can upgrade your gear with more DPS, resists and add some more LOH.
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1. your dps too low for your 2.6%LS to shine, and you have only 452 LoH.
2. your armor too low, 2.8k with STI is simply not enough. Find ways to push it up to 5k.
1. your dps too low for your 2.6%LS to shine, and you have only 452 LoH.
2. your armor too low, 2.8k with STI is simply not enough. Find ways to push it up to 5k.

^ what he said!
Funny thing is, his armor is showing without STI added on. Add it up, and you'll find his armor is 2722 and his STR is 120, hence 2842. So let's assume his armor, with STI and the Enchantress, is 4005.

You should strongly consider ditching Overawe for Time of Need or Hard Target. That should allow you to switch some of those VIT gems to DEX. As for Molten, my solution is simple:

1. Switch my EF to my +786 LpH AzT.
2. Use Quicksilver to get ahead of retreating Molten mobs.
3. Use Quicksilver to move out of Desecrator.

And I do Vault runs all day on MP5 like this. But I can't use Overawe on that MP level; it just gets me torn up against a lot of packs.
Try switching an emerald in one of your weapons to an amethyst, too. That will help you stay alive against tougher packs.
Just added some new stuff. Better?
I love threads like these....
I mash Mantra of Healing: Circular Breathing like a champ from back in 1.01!
- use serenity (the 4 sec one) and beacon of ytar to reduce cd
- when you see anything under your feet .. move! (you're not a barb tank)
- have 24 move speed, it help ALOT!
- train yourself to have more situational awareness (play like a DH not a barb)

stats to aim for 700AR 5000 armour 35K health, LOH if under 50K dps, LS if over 70K dps

you can go hybrid like me and have 2.7 LS and 1300 LOH .. my normal set is around 55K dps that's why... what you see in my profile right now is just for fun ;)

take more skill to play a Monk then a barb but once you've got a hang of it, the monk will be more lethal

may the light of ytar guide you = )
it's probably not the most popular suggestion but when i solo i try to split up the mobs using echoing fury and then take them out one at a time. this requires a fair amount of good targeting.
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