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what is better, 5% attack speed or 5% cc?

Pretty much what the title says. If I have a chance to get the same item, except one has 5% attack speed, and the other has 5% crit chance, which one should a monk go for? if there is no general answer...which one should my specific monk go for?

thanks guys.

i was wondering because someone told me to sell my mempo and get innas radiance. I'm having a hard time justifying that, but I'm inexperienced and don't really know why.

help from the big dogs would be appreciated!
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5% CC,but only get an inna's if it has 14% skill bonus
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your mempo worth more than what a 5%cc radiance can offer.

1. mempo had native %Life, and your mempo also rolled lightning resist. Getting similar radiance with similar stats (radiance +2 RNG to roll +lightning res +AR), let along the cost of it.
2. 2 piece inna is sufficient to enjoy the set bonus, unless you go for 4-inna
3. You currently had 35%CHC which is sufficient, monk benefit more from attack speed. more IAS = more spirit regen, more cyclones

Keep your mempo.
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Point for point 1 CC is generally worth anywhere from 50-100% more dps than IAS depending on a person's gearing choices.

To find out the values of stats with your own gear, I suggest checking out d3up.com and syncing your bnet profile. To do this, just mouse over "My D3Up.com" then "Create New Build" and type your tag in then select your monk in the dropdown that will appear.
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At your level it doesn't really matter that much, although if you're looking at it purely from dps, cc will give u lots more. When you get to top-end gear, Inna's radiance goes with Tal Rasha's chest, and Mempo goes with Inna's chest. Hope it helps.
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The CHC is almost always better.
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Yeah. CC is almost always the way to go. More CC means more crits, which means more cyclones. CC is also just worth more dps. For me, 1% CC is about 2k dps. 1% IAS is 930 dps.
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What everybody else said above is true but if the the item your looking at is an ammy with only 5cc its a big difference then if it is a ring with 5cc. If its an ammy pass on it if its crit is 5% since the roll can be 100% better as compared to the ring which is only 1cc from a perfect roll.
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