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Gem improvement suggestion

Hello everyone.
It's not going to be short post but please read it all and then share what do You think about it.
Last time i was leveling up another character i came to conclusion that ruby is a little OP on low leves (it can easily double Your weapon dps) but as You get better weapons its useless to put ruby in. There is no variety in choosing gems for Your weapon - everyone goes for emerald.
Thas why i come up with my thoughts about how to improve gems and intorduce more variety in game, below i will write what i would change in each gem, of course stats like strengh, intelligece, vitality and dexterity are Ok and i would keep them like they are right now. And one more thing - all these changes are usless without new aditional crafting system for Jeweler which i will explain later. So here we go:

As i said - it leads to OP on low leves and its useless in weapons on high levels i would change "minimum/maximum damage" to "x% more damage", starting from 11% more damage with Chipped Ruby, increasing 3% on each level up to 50% more damage with Radian Star Ruby. Strengh and exp no change.

Vitality in armor and x% life in helmet are usefull but i don't know who came up with idea to set ridiculous 600 LoH in weapons. I would change it to life suck - 0.80% with Chipped Amethyst up to 6.00% with Radian Star Amethyst, increasing 0.40% on each level.
Like that:
1lvl - 0.80%
2lvl - 1.20%
3lvl - 1.40%
14lvl - 6.00%

Intelligence in armor and magic find in helmet are ok so i would't change them, but come on " Melee attackers take x damage per hit"? That's really bad stat so i suggest to change it to "Increase Attack Speed by x%" just like in amethyst case 0.80% with Chipped Topaz, 0.40% more on each higher level, finishing with 6.00% for Radial Star Topaz.

There is not much to change here - i know some people would like emeralds to give bonus to critical chance when placed in helmets (in my opinion it would be too much), but the only way to make Emeralds competitive to Amethysts in helmets it to change gold find to critical chance. Analogously to Amrthyst and Topaz 0.80% with Chipped Emerald up to 6.00% with Radian Star Emerald, 0.40% more on each level.

Ok and finally aditional crafting system which combined with those changes can introduce a lot of new fresh solutions for Your weapon gem.

Jewler on level 10 would get aditional fold where You can craft gems on same level into one Jewel which would combine statistics of used gems. To create Jewel You would need 4 same leveled gems and special item - Jewel Frame which would be dropped by rare monster placed somewhere in game. The Jewel Frame could be in two variations: normal and with one aditional magic property - this would create even more variations of Jewels.
Same as with the keyes - Monster Power would increase chance to drop this item. Jewel frame would NOT be assigned to account so people could trade them through Auction House. Also Jewels would NOT be assigned to account.

Here is example of Jewel:
I used 3 Radian Star Emeralds and one Radian Star Ruby so Jewel i will get will have the following properties:

Helm: 4.5% critical chance and 7.75% more experience
Weapon: 75% more Critical Damage and Increases Weapon Damage by 12.5%
Other: 44 to dexterity and 15 to strengh (these values will be always rounded to higher one in that case i rounded 43.5 dexterity to 44 and 14.5 strengh to 15)
+ eventually one magical property if You had Jewel Frame with magical property

Ok that's should be it - tell me what do You think about - would it improve game experience? or it's fail idea?
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I think this is a very creative idea, weather its your idea exactly or a variation of this, i give u my vote.
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I have said this on other thread, you can't remove LoH on amethyst.
Why?? Because LS is useless when you are in low level. To improve the purple one you can increase the reward into 800 or 900.

And if you mix too GEM it will only be fair if you get less than 1/2 of the benefit from both. For example

combine radiant amethyst + emerald.
600 LoH + 100% CHD => 250 LoH + 40% CHD or 300LoH + 60% better?

But ppl will still use the 100% CHD. Why? More damage is the answer.
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The proposed benefits of the Marquise gems is a joke.

This is a joke.

Apparently the mathematicians over at Blizzard are unaware of the definition of the word exponential.

3 Radiant Gems (25m each, 75m+20m crafting fee 95 million gold for ONE of the following ?!?:
a. Four more of a stat
b. 1% more health
c. 10% more CD
d. 3% bonus EXP or MF
e. 100 more LoH.

Are you kidding me ?!?

Not even a good joke.
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After they relesed Marquise gems i realized the idea of crafting gems worth over 100 mil gold with statistics much lower than oroginal one is really missed. I would keep my idea of crafting different types of gems in one piece but main statistics should be multiplied depend on how many same gems You have choosed as you craft new Jewel and there should be second multiplier based on at which level are gems You are using. Also there should be crafting fee for crafting Jewels - 20x fee needed to craft gem You are using to craft Jewel:

  • 400K x 20 If You are going to craft Radian Star Jewel
  • 200K x 20 If You are going to craft Perfect Star Jewel
  • 100K x 20 If You are going to craft Flawless Star Jewel
  • and so on.
  • Multipliers for number of gems at same level used in crafting would look like this:
  • 4 gems of the same type = x1.3
  • 3 gems of the same type = x0.96
  • 2 gems of the same type = x0.55
  • 1 gem of the same type = x0.3
  • Multipliers for gem levels (it's because gem prices curve is not linear/straight so bonuses should not be linear/straight aswell):
  • Radiant Star = 1.00
  • Perfect Star = 0.98
  • Flawless Star = 0.96
  • Star and lower lewels = 0.95
  • So here little explain how would it looks like:

    When crafting just one type of gems like 4 Radiant Star Emeralds it would give us Radian Star Jewel with:

  • 130% CD in Weapon - 4 gems same type same level [66] - 100% CD * 1.00 * 1.3
  • 7.8% CC in Helm - 4 gems same type same level [66] - 6.00% Life Steal * 1.00 * 1.3
  • 75 Dexterity in Other - 4 gems same type same level [66] - 58 Dexterity * 1.00 * 1.3
  • +aditional property from Jewel Frame (ex: attack speed/vitality/strengh/life steal and many more)
  • Cost based on current prices of gems would be: 8 mil fee + 4x34 mil = 144 mil -.- still a lot but keep in mind Jewels would require 4 gems at same level (may be different type: Emeralds/Amethysts/Rubies/Topazes) and Jewel Frame so You can craft Perfect Star Gems aswell if You can't afford Radian Star version.

    Perfect Star Jewel crafted from 4 Perfect Star Emeralds would have following stats:

  • 114.66% CD in Weapon - 4 gems same type same lvl [65] - 90% CD * 0.98(lvl multiplier) * 1.3(same type gem multiplier)
  • 7.39% CC in Helm - 4 gems same type same lvl [65] - 5.8 Life Steal * 0.98(lvl multiplier) * 1.3(same type gem multiplier)
  • 69 Dexterity in Other - 54 Dexterity * 0.98(lvl multiplier) * 1.3(same type gem multiplier)
  • + one aditional property if Jewel Frame has it
  • Cost: 4 mil fee + 4x11.5 mil = 50 mil

    Flawless Star Jewels would offer statistics similar to Radian Star Gems for much less amount for money - for those who can't afford best gems but have time to search Jewel Frame.

    Now let me give You example of Jewel crafted from different types of gems:
    I used 3 Perfect Star Emeralds and 1 Perfect Star Amethyst - cause i came to conlusion i have enough DPS but not enough Life Steal. That's what i will get:

    Perfect Star Jewel Of Emeralds And Amethysts:
  • 84.67% CD and 1.71 Life Steal in Weapon
  • Calculation for CD: 90%CD * 0.98(lvl multiplier) * 0.96(same type gem multiplier)
  • Calculation for Live Steal: 6.00% Life Steal * 0.98(lvl multiplier) * 0.3(same type gem multiplier)
  • 5.46 CC and 5% more Life in Helm
  • Calculation for CC: 5.8%CC * 0.98(lvl multiplier) * 0.96(same type gem multiplier)
  • Calculation for % Life: 17% Life * 0.98(lvl multiplier) * 0.3(same type gem multiplier)
  • 51 Dexterity and 16 Vitality in Other
  • Calculation for Dexterity: 54 Dexterity * 0.98(lvl multiplier) * 0.96(same type gem multiplier)
  • Calculation for Vitality: 54 Vitality * 0.98(lvl multiplier) * 0.3(same type gem multiplier)
  • + one aditional property if Jewel Frame has it
  • Cost based on current prices: 4 mil fee + 3 * 11.5 mil + 7.5 = 46 mil
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    Hi guys !

    First of all I want to make it clear that I'm not one of those who are constantly whining about how much D3 sux ! D3 is still my favourite game even though I used to play D2 LoD for years ... But I don't think I am the only one that doesn't understand why the gems have been dumbed so much compared to any other similar game !
    Months passed and the devs finally touched this issue. I was so glad at first, I thought, oh, yee, at last we'll have some cold dmg gems, poison gems, fire gems, attack speed gems, resource regen. gems, life regen gems, the ability to combine gems and so on ...
    I mean honestly, how much time does it take for any human above the IQ of 80 to get to this simple conclusion: making gems more diversive makes the game itself way more interesting.
    Is there anyone out there who wouldn't like more types of gems ?
    The idea is not even a new one, cause we had it (almost) all back in D2.
    I truly don't know how much time it could take for the devs to implement these very simple changes but I cannot imagine that it wouldn't worth the time !
    Because the whole gem system as it is now is ridiculously primitive !
    So, finaly they touched the issue (after 8 months) and what do we get ?
    This marquise (or whatever) bull**** ! I rly don't know wether to laugh or cry !
    This idea (to make a "new" lvl11) gem which is completely the same as it was except that
    it gives even more dmg (omfg what an original idea!) is like it was given to my 5 year old son to come up with something "new". Wait, a minute ... no ! Even my little boy would have come up something less ridiculous !
    Once again: the overall game is (imo) a great one, I love it !It just could become so much better with simple changes like the ones mentioned above and I don't get it why they keep gems so primitive and boring !
    If any blue ever reads it (which I doubt) pls post this message to the 'right ones' :)
    MORE TYPES OF GEMS PLS !!! Or at least pls let us combine them !
    Pls let me know what you think :)

    /sry for my poor English, not my native lang./
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