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Vote Kick Grief PK-ing: They did Listen!


In case you missed it as many of you may not read the general forums, Lylirra has posted on the votekick issue. Looks like they want to remove movement lock during 10 seconds. Although I despise griefers who use this technique, it would be a shame if this opens up a vunerability that nobody else thought of. I am asking the community to brainstorm about the possible, of how her proposed change to eliminate the timer could cause harm. This is not a thread about how to cheat, it is theory crafting about a non-existent SW feature before the feature as implemented to provide "what-if" information about possible risks.

Ask yourself: How might a jerk misuse this feature? Will it effectively protect players from being PK'd?

Collectively, we have logged playing-hours thousands of times greater than the decision makers at blizzard. While they may have designed the game, we are the experts at operating the software. I'd like to provide valuable feedback to the developers on the risks of a specific implementation so they make an informed decision.


**first posting edited for a misread because I am stupid and sleepy**
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No - they're not removing the timer. They're proposing the timer stays but now you can actually move while it's counting down.
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It won't protect you from dying. By the time you get in trouble, people votes and then wait for the 10s... you will die. If you survive, it wasn't your time yet to die.

My 2c.
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01/08/2013 04:52 PMPosted by Poxy
No - they're not removing the timer. They're proposing the timer stays but now you can actually move while it's counting down.

Oh whoops! I read that too fast and missed a word. Hmmm...now, I see no way this is exploitable, unless it opens up the software to a 3rd patch hack that facilitates undoing the movement lock while leaving any game
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01/08/2013 04:56 PMPosted by Battle123
oh i wasn't aware they were keeping the 10 sec timer. that's unexploitable then. I thoguht they were just gonna automatically remove you from the game

I couldn't personally envision any scenario where it would really be exploitable to cheat death either way, unless it opened up the SW to be more maleable by an unscrupulous 3rd party cheater
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There's no way to abuse this if you still have to wait 10 seconds.
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didnt we get this fixed during the update today?
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