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Help me spend 600M to weapon 'Splinter build'

idk why i wanna have high atkspd and criticals using splinter flaming darts. 2.1+atkspd
i'm thinking on buying a rare high DPS Sword with a socket

Now my question is, Life Steal? Life on Hit? nothing?

Priority searching +aditional critical damage weapons?

Please answer because my country doesnt helped me in my thread :/ i searched and noone talks about it mp10/infernal machine/mp+

Its unviable use darts (worked so well leveling mp1 mp0 mp3)?
i just like this attack but i can make other builds make me a advice.

I was a DH doing mp10 and with 55% knockback gear
got bored, my gear is currently selling atm for get the witch doctor gear, already bought some pieces.

600kk was in my bag and i hope use it to get a powerfull weapon which takes me easy forward.

Sorry english, sorry stupid comments, really trying be smart and not annoying
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Personally I'm not a fan of Poison Darts, mostly because it's a single target spell that requires line of sight, when moving around, it's difficult at higher MPs to just stand in one place and keep a mob targeted. On the positive side, there is plenty of gear that will add to Poison Dart Damage.

As far as what to look for in a weapon, I would recommend LS over LoH once your DPS output reaches about 100k.

If you're going to use a 2h, I'd recommend a Skorn. Look for:
1. Average Dam > 1350
2. Crit Dam > 190%
3. Lifesteal
4. Int

If you're going to use a 1h, I'd recommend a Manajuma's Carving Knife.
1. Average Dam > 950
2. Crit Dam > 90%

Hope that helps. Just curious though, you found a DH boring, so now you want to do a Poison Dart Witch Doctor ? Isn't that going to be pretty close to using a DH with a bow ?
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you should consider an azurwrath. and then use snake to the face. you can permanently stun ubbers but your dps will be lower so it will take longer to kill them.

but with that much attack speed, it will be cheaper to use life-on-hit, but if you have the $$$, then get a little of both.

darts works great against bosses, but it is not effective for farming. you need an attack that hits lots of mobs, such as bears or acid.
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If i was buiding a strictly splinters build things I would definitely look for are:

Legacy Zuni's Journey 6% poison damage + 6 IAS
Mojo with 12% darts 6% elite 10% CC
% Poison Dart 11 CC Skull grasp
% Poison Dart 12 Soj
% Poison Dart Mara Kaleidoscope and IAS
Mempo with 9 IAS and CC
Innas Pants with Int and 9 IAS
Lacuni Prowlers with 9 IAS 6% CC
Tal's relentless pursuit with 9 IAS and high INT roll
Witching Hour with chance to freeze 9 IAS and 50% CD
10 CC 40+CD 9 IAS gloves (with chance to stun if possible)
High Int Vile Ward
High IAS CD open socket Weapon (Lower the delay the better)
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Echoing Fury is a pretty underrated piece of kit for WDs. Sure, you need to know how to handle the Fear proc, but for a Dart build, it's a quality tool.
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