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giving away my monk

It's sad to hear about people leaving. I am not here to try and convince someone to change their minds, just to consider future changes to the game. The new patch is coming out and though there are not huge changes to the monk, there are other game changes that could make you stay!

I have played as the monk for a long time (since the game came out). He's been a tough and expensive one to build, but I love the class. I hope you stay and just give D3 some time to build into a "playable" game for you again. If not, I wish you all the best and understand that I have felt your pain and lack of interest many times. : )

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HI there,

Am currently playing Dual-Wielding Monk, damage at about 80k unbuff.
Hope you find some time to browse through my profile & see whether I would fit your criteria.

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I would love to have that monk! :P

I'm the victim of several scams, while I was fairly new, I've looted around 2-3 legendaries that could sell for a lot, but back then I didn't know. Even a piece of your gear would bring great joy to me.

Thank you for considering!
An upgrade or two would be appreciated, I want to earn most of my gear. I just have to learn to quit giving away so much=D gl finding something you enjoy a bit more.
honestly any piece of your monk would be an upgrade for me. Everything is pretty much godly, the weapon, the nats set, or the ammy are worth more then my whole account :/
I just gave about 50 mil worth of monk gear to another aspiring monk. I'm a cold res monk just like you and several of those pieces would help my build, especially got my eyes on nat's set or the braces. Even the inna's pieces would upgrade me. Interested in any of it actually.
Oooo pick me! Sweety#1682 <3. Sorry to see a geared person go though...for real.
I only play a monk, i feel it is the best toon!

But ayway's i'm at 120K damage so i'm not looking for you to just build my char, i have about 100mil (which isn't much now) but it's about the most i've ever had, but would have no problem taking care of glorious gear!

GL and sorry to see you go

E/ OMG looking at your gear, i am not as strong as you are, i thought by the intro that your monk was alright like mine, but your's is pretty damn good....

::fingers crossed::
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Hi i have a DH, and i keep finding my self not being able to afford anything like nice rings or ammys to give my char a real nice boost. wouldn't mind having 1 thing to give my char something that it needs . i'm a good guy . trying to puts along in this game :P kinda hard with all the updates and you find your gear worth not so much :P
Dude - I'm with you...I mean i have almost 1000 hrs and have no desire to play anything but monk...dont want to start another character yet i havent found a single monk upgrade in 1k hrs!!?? HAHA - im ready to give up too...i mean i dont even know how you found that mempo...ive never found one in 1k hrs...found every other helm...no mempo. Its depressing. Quiting makes more sense than this painful miserable grinding for terrible loot...i have 88m after 1k hrs - i mean what is that about? The biggest sale ive had to date was for 46m...all my buddies everyone else gets these 200-300m item drops so they can afford their next upgrade and instead i have had to grind and beg and trade for everything i have... and the worst part about gearing is that the better you get the more harder it is to find anything. I support your decision to leave...im too stupid not to.
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I am currently trying to sell my barb gears and up grade to monk and your items will give me and extreme boost to my start....

I will take extremely good care of your items....
still cant believe you found that mempo...ahahah...its going to make me lose sleep tonight
so much good stuff.. Seriously sell it on the RMAH or give it to a friend you know in real life. Wouldn't waste it on somebody you don't even know.
I hate to see folks losing interest in a game that has such great potential. I've recently decided to reroll Monk after giving DH a shot and realizing that being in the frey, not dancing around it, is where I want to be. I've got a pretty solid handle on gearing/play style, and would love to take up your mantle and put your fantastic gear to good use. As of me writing this, my barb's gear is on my brothers account whilst I finish leveling Bababoulie (yes it's a Howard Stern reference).

I understand exactly the kind of attachment people have to not just their gear, but gaming accounts in general.

Whenever I've switched from game to game, I've always made it a point to find a new home for gear/accounts. There's a certain legacy that we all want to see live on whether it's ourselves at the keyboard or someone else, and paying it forward like you are is huge part of that.

I commend you on your decision, and wish you all the best wherever your future endeavors take you, and would humbly accept any or all of your monk's gear should you decide to send it my way.
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As I approach para 100 on my barb, my next venture is going to be monk and actually just got it to 60 the other day.

I hate to see anyone go but, I can guarantee that if you gave me an upgrade or two that it would get long term use while searching for potential upgrades and I would take extremely "good care of it" while taking monk to para 100.

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I would love to get that monk...

Monk was my char to go in Beta and when the game launched. Unfortunately, I was so disapointed with Monks back in May that I decided to roll other chars. Made a Demon Hunter then rolled a Barb and now a Wiz and none of them filled my heart like the Monk did (too bad it was underpowered back then). I still have to try a WD but it's probably not going to change my mind on how much I love the Monk concept.

I was thinking of trying a Monk again because I know I'll love it... All I need is a little push and this could be it ^^
I hope to get one important thing straight.
If you are relatively "poor in game", I most likely will not consider give gears to you. I could give you some gold but as I said, I already gave away my leftover golds to 10 persons, 50 mil each.
why this? because I do not want my gears to be an "end" to your build. I hope you have your thought on monk builds and keep looking for upgrades and have relatively enough gold for those. That is what I was doing, just I felt so bored of this game and do not want to spend time on it. I hope if I have chance/mood to come back later on and I will be extremely happy to see you make the gears even better. This takes skills, time and gold.

that is what i mean by " taking good care".

Good luck with life beyond D3. Sell your gear on AH and give your gold away. Or cash out.
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I have a plvl 39 monk, about 110k dps base and would highly appreciate the help, check me out.... Marcus#1695
It is sad to see such a good person leave the game. I recently started a monk about a month ago. As you can see I have been trying to gear him extensively to be an awesome cold monk like you. I started a monk so i could help my CM Wiz friend do Mp9 & 10 Uber carries which we do for free. If you were to give me your gear that could help me help other people at a faster rate. I would much rather you stay and play the game though.
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