Diablo® III

giving away my monk

Nice monk man.

Kinda wishing I still had my gears for this new patch to test it - I don't know if I feel comfortable entering for a "free giveaway" seeing how I just hosted one of those. I'm more of an experienced player - not really playing much as of late because I got bored with it, this new patch might be fun though.

While seeing this set (nice gear by the way, very nice with s&b) go to someone else would not in the least make me mad..but hey, if you're offering I figured I might as well post :P.

Then I can finish helping those with hellfires seeing as I have like 15 machines I think still :O..

Very generous of ya though mate. You could get quite a bit for this set!
I have a P16 monk with 75k dps and would greatly appreciate any upgrade from your monk,

hello, i would like to join in and say that im sorry you quit the game :( ive been pkaying since day 1 and still loving the game im dedicated solely on my monk but maybe some other time i will roll another character to lvl 60 but for now and since day 1 ive been loving my monk and diablo 3 ive allways had faith in the game and think it certainly gets better for (almost) every patch.. i could certainly use some of your gear on that monk it looks sweet :) you can check out my monk via this link http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Taquito-1489/hero/279722 and if you interrested in some other things you can just ask me :)
i would never be brave enough to give up gear or an account ive invested alot of time in because everything although it may be pixels still hold a memento. i would mos def be happy to take over for you. your monk is a dream that mine will never achieve.

ps. you said that you didnt have friends and play alone most of the time. just hit up trade chat asking people to party on high mp's. made a few friends my self doing that, and they are chill. playing alone whomps

I just gave about 50 mil worth of monk gear to another aspiring monk. I'm a cold res monk just like you and several of those pieces would help my build, especially got my eyes on nat's set or the braces. Even the inna's pieces would upgrade me. Interested in any of it actually.
Hey man,

Decided to start a monk as an alt and even tho i ahve a paragon 76 barb im loving this tempest rush build. You have tons of sick items i would like, a crit mempho is godly prob would be able to etst some other builds out because its prob nto viable for tempest rush build. Thanks dude =D
I may not be a monk but I believe I could put your gear to good use on my demon hunter.

The moderate upgrades from your gear would be both of your rings(If I got a nats ring, I could replace my cloak with inna armor finally), and mainly those pants. I was looking to get a higher vit inna pants however I just spent a load of gold on my mempo.

Minor upgrades would be your own mempo, the gloves and the witching hour in terms of the All res.

It would be nice to get any one of those items I mentioned as it would speed up my competitive style over the long run. But if you are looking for a monk only that's fine too. Here is my battle tag if you have any questions: Saven#1420
You have a fantastic looking monk. it would be a shame to see you quit after you've built such a beauty!
I will play with u, if u need a friend : D. With that in mind, dont go!!!
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i can take care of your items! i can already handle high MP farming but permanent or temporary upgrades are always appreciated.
I would love your mempo!!!
i was at your point a few days ago. i gave away gold and gear and now all i have left is my DH. i was thinking of selling her but since shes been with me since day 1 i was somewhat torn so i thought to wait for pvp and i suggest u do the same
i got scam my monk gear 900M, when i was planning to sell all my monk gear and rebuild with sprit regen build
^^^^^^ this is where i got scam ^^^^^^^^^^

and my hc wd died yesterday
would love to get some help from u please
Thats a nice monk! I'm working hard trying to get my monk up there, it takes me a little while. I took about a 4 month break from the game and came back a week ago and was like "Holy crap, my 35K DPS was pretty good back then, now lol not so much." Now I'm up to about 78K natural DPS. Getting there, still at least 100 more to go.

But I am hooked again like I was when I first got the game, which is nice.

I never thought I'd be completely done, that I might come back someday. So make sure you want to quit for real before giving away some of those gears. But if you did come back a few months later, the gear I had before costs me tens of millions and many hours. Now they were worthless and it wasn't too hard getting upgrades. Heck, I even found the amulet and bracers I'm wearing, which was nice actually finding some upgrades for myself for once.
Hi Gelu

First of all, really nice monk
Either you rolled really nice or you just farmed really gg items and was able to sell it for some serious gold.

No matter what option it is i could really use "some" of the items, like mempo and nats ring, boots. I played as much as i can since release (Got wife and 3year old kid) and never found mempo yet. For me it seems impossible to get the items i listed above since ill never be able to farm as much as other 15-20 year old players.

YOU are giving me the chance here to finally have some nice items on my main (monk). I hate to beg ppl for this but i feel this is the only way to get in the top elite and fully play my monk with some fun.

If you decide to be genorous to me you can also contact me on jsp. The name there is pjevs.

Best regards

I'd love to have some of ur items.

Hope that this 1.07 preview renews your interest to play again Gelu :)
And all these little golddiggers' efforts have gone to waste.

I'm sure your intention of giving away your awesome monk were sincere, but if you changed your mind, that's a victory for the good guys imo, I don't think anyone other than you is truly worthy of that gear.
That gear is pretty awesome. I would love to have any piece of it. I've hit a wall with my monk upgrades and just can't afford the next step of gear. If you would give me any of your gear I'd be grateful and put it to good use.

I would rather you stick around and play since we always need monks, but if not, please consider giving me a hand. Thanks!
I could use gold ^.^ striker#1163
i dont think u should give away your gear, because someday maybe u would want 2 revisit the game and it would be better if u had a character u wanted 2 play and not start off as a level 1 again.
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