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giving away my monk

As many others have stated, hate to see another monk go!!

Would like to add myself to the list. While many of us play solo player, My family and I play together more than solo. That is right, my mother, father, and wife all play this game. It really is what keeps us in the game more than anything.

If for some reason your choice was to help out me, you would be helping me and my father both out. (we are both monk's)

Wish you the best of luck in life.

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~Checking Gelu's gear
now I know >.>
wish he change 'a good monk' to 'a good monk and DH' so I get a chance to get some upgrade xD
Incredible monk. I definitely agree with the earlier posters in that it should go to a well-geared monk who can keep it safe for you. I would like to add myself to the list, but any way it goes, I wish you the best.

Hey Gelu,

You have really good gear. My monk could sure use your amulet, helm, and fist weapon. I'm trying to push my monk over 200K!!
I can take care of your gear for you, don't want me to sell it? not a problem i have dece enough bankroll.

pretty please. (with a cherry on top)
I just gave about 50 mil worth of monk gear to another aspiring monk. I'm a cold res monk just like you and several of those pieces would help my build, especially got my eyes on nat's set or the braces. Even the inna's pieces would upgrade me. Interested in any of it actually.
Your gear could help me and my GF fix up a bit considering we are having a hard time while gearing 4 others and friends at the same time X.X
I bet now that monk are getting some work done under the hood, this guy keeps playing.
would love some gear upgrades! I had a mempo with strong dex and 5.5 cc that I was trading (before I started my Monk) but the guy I was trading with ripped me off :_(

If I were you I wouldn´t be giving these fine items away, I would let the window open so if you realise you want to come back and play a bit the char is there. I´m not a monk, not for now. I pretend to lvl up mine to play in a group with my friends and have fun, being a dh as i am i can do some dmg but i can´t really help my group as a monk can. I even found a pretty nice echoing fury 1.1kdps+socket today and separated it for my monk, his time to shine is close, congrats for whoever wins these items (my dream is to have a mempo like that).

Edit: What about giving your items to someone you trust and make a challenge to your long term friend that when he reaches X amount of gold he wins your shield as an example, then you contact the person who is holding your shield and he gives the shield back, like this your friend will have to fight to have your items.
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I just started a whole new profile so any gear gold and items would be greatly aprreciated and my next character play through will be the monk
Gelu I am Interested in taking care of your gear for you, to top it off, if you were to ever to come back I would gladly give you your stuff back. Kind of like a borrow just in case!
I am currently debating switching to a Monk or Wizard for faster high MP farming and would use your gear to make Monk my future choice
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pls ill duel u :P
I'll take good care of your gear! I been trying to gear up my monk better, but don't have the money to do so :(!
take care!
donate me your shield <3 I'll love you forever
My monk isn't even 60 =P, I was thinking about selling my barb though to change classes because I'm getting bored too. Hopefully when PvP comes out and the new BoA items I will have more stuff to do.
I'm a new monk too so if you can share the glory then it will be awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
I've been tempted to start playing my monk for a while now. The only thing stopping me is that I don't have enough gear to do it, so I've stuck to barb. I had a lot of fun leveling my Monk, but I switched to barb way back when the enrage timers were still effective because barbs were so much easier to find gear for.
Hi Gelu,
Thanks for the offer. I'm interested in your Mempo of Twighlight. My monk is definitely not the best one out there, but I pride myself in playing fair all this while (all my gear are hard-earned - picked up or bought via the AH with hard earned gold - I don't believe in buying gold over the net as it spoils the game)

I shan't waste more of your time, but please do consider me! Thanks
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Waiting for PvP to see if the game becomes more fun to you would be a good idea, but if your set on leaving I would me more than happy to look after your stuff=) As an above post mentioned, there is no Sub fee and you can return at any time, so hanging onto the account might be a good idea. If Blizzard adds a feature in the future that you are interested in you could just hop right back onto you geared monk and try it out. At any rate, good luck deciding=)
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