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giving away my monk

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I will take good care of your entire set.
If/When you ever come back and I'm still on I'll give it back :) If i'm not on, take my email address.

Once you transfer your entire set to me I will kill ubers and elites and laugh at them!!

EDIT: Also, take a few days to think about it...maybe you just need a break! TBH, I used to play Dungeon Defenders before D3. My gear was not the best but pretty good. I just couldn't give it away, it was so much work to get it. I still have it! :)
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Keep the gear. Take a break and come back later. You may change your mind about the game later.

Hopefully you stick around for PvP. If you are inclined to give away your gear, then do so. I will admit that the game is fairly boring at our gear level and only PvP, even if it is just 1v1, keeps me playing. Well that and killing ubers for free. As Scrapz mentioned, you are more than welcome to come and do some carries, perhaps you will enjoy playing again.

Hopefully you stick around for PvP. If you are inclined to give away your gear, then do so. I will admit that the game is fairly boring at our gear level and only PvP, even if it is just 1v1, keeps me playing. Well that and killing ubers for free. As Scrapz mentioned, you are more than welcome to come and do some carries, perhaps you will enjoy playing again.

MP10 Uber carries is very enjoyable, except when you run someone for their first ring and it's better than all of yours :(. You could also have a break and play hardcore - I started leveling one and haven't had this much fun in a while in DIII.
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Longshot but thought I throw in my name into the ring!

Anyway I understand why some are giving away gear, because its the only way to truly quit an addiction, its like quitting smoking, you cant have a pack of ciggies in your pocket and not smoke.

I have long looked up to your monk for gearing inspiration. I remember discussing SnB with you way back in the summer. If you are looking for someone to give the set away to, I would love to be considered.

But honestly, like most of the other posters above - what I would like most of all is for you to reconsider. =) Come play with us! If a bit of key hunting with good players and/or good banter doesn't make you change your mind, then by all means, do what you have to.

Best of luck either way, good to have you on board!
The only reason I keep playing is for PvP. Carrying ubers is decent fun and kills lots of time. Hoping to roll that sick vit ring for pvp.

I actually have more fun shooting the !@#$ with them, finding and sharing deals we find in the ah or just swapping and comparing gear.
Just come in to say farewell, you need to do what you need to do man, if it is your decision I hope you find a new path at the end of the tunnel.
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I'm a longshot as my wiz is my main, but recently i have fallen in love with playing the monk, probably has to do with being a hammerdin back in d2. I would take good care of ur monk gears, and tbh if u decided to come back it wouldnt kill me to give em to u or someone else who u feel could use a helping hand
Hello, I'm in need of gears now and I'm having hard time farming for them myself. If you want, you can lend your gears to me. I will treasure it.
Don't go, just hang onto the gear. You never know when the urge to slay some hellspawn will hit. You've put a lot of work into your stuff. The monk community is small enough as it is!
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Always sad to see a monk part ways. If you're looking for a good home for your gear I've got plenty of hours logged and plenty more to log:). Also I'm a firm believer in passing it forward. Goodluck on whatever path you're deciding to go.
You should keep the gear. Soon or later you could just want to play again (maybe the game gets magically better, i don't know).
There is still hope do not go
I would really hold off. I've taken time off from gaming before, even a whole summer from WoW one time and then got right back into it, had I got rid of my gear I wouldn't have been able to step right back in to raiding and I wouldn't have had any fun without the challenge of endgame. That is a great set of gear, if you give it away, choose one of the guys on the forums that do so much to help everyone else out. I'd trust them at least more than I would a random person that just wants free stuff.

And btw, I'll take your free stuff if your heart is set one it ;)
Wow another cold resist monk, nice to see that.

I've logged almost 800 hours on my monk, with many more to be added. But my luck is terrible, so getting the gold for upgrades has been a pain (I don't auction house flip, cause id just rather spend my time actually playing the game). I would love to give your gear a new home, and if you decided to come back, I would have no issues of giving you your gear back.
Sorry to see a fellow monk go, but I understand I've taken a few breaks recently came back and its fun again!

One cool thing is your a cold monk, I almost never see other cold resist monks :P, funny story Dream was the name of my first d2:lod char, too bad I didn't keep that for this game, would've been pretty funny, anyway best of luck and if you find a game that can burn this many hours pls let me know :). If you parse it out those gloves, oh my <3 they may be cold but they'd keep me warm.

Ps Just wondering are you a day 1 player also?
Please, don't break this Monk apart! I've been looking up to your Dream for inspiration for quite a while now, I'll be sad to see her go.

Put her away for the time being and move to some other game, if you're bored. I know you're a HoMM fan, if you can still stomach the graphics - I bet there's tons of great maps that have been released since the last time you played (if you like the WoG expansion - check out the maps of Salamandre and Baron).

Alternatively, you can try the Kings Bounty installments (if you still haven't) - a new one just came out... Any of these will keep you occupied for months, or just pick up some other game you'll enjoy. Who knows - by the time you're done with that new obsession, you may either feel the itch to play D3 again, or maybe even the expansion will be out.

And if you're still dead-set on leaving... I could put those Inna's pants to some good use. Still, it may be better if you give the items away as a set to someone, so at least they can stay together.
Hey I have a sugestion. Don't break your set up. Instead lend it to a trust worthy monk with lower end gear.
That way you have the option of starting where you left off and your gear not collecting dust.

For the trusted monk that is baby sitting your set. They can help out other new monks on the forum by doing ubers runs, doing free give away of what they find or make make some gold and do a lower end set give away.

It'll be a great benefit for everyone in the monk community.

I don't know how your gear compare to these monks but here are a few of my suggestions: Nameless, Scrapz, Piffle, Cayzer, Druin, Nacro

*edit wrote piffle twice .. sorry it was a mistake not playing favourites here lol ... ohh yeah all of them have given alot to the monk comunity already so that's why I trust them
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