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giving away my monk

Very sad to hear you are going to leave the game. Consider trying PVP etc?

The gear is so perfect, must've taken forever to accumulate it. It takes an almost obcessive eye for perfection to build a set like that. I collect many things in real life, and would have to say it is a quality not many people possess. I think it will serve you well beyond D3!

I'd be privileged to be considered in your giveaway, if that is what you decide to do in the end. I have been wanting to try mempo and s/b build for ages, but despite my best efforts, I've managed only to get as far as I have, and any upgrades from now on is impossible unless I get very lucky with drops. I think I have actually seen some of your pieces on AH when searching for gear (being also CR monk), but alas never had the bankroll to bid. lol

I'd be happy to switch some pieces with you if you'd be willing, and you can still give away a whole set of gear. Our resists line up, so it will still be a very nice set indeed.
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MP10 Uber carries is very enjoyable, except when you run someone for their first ring and it's better than all of yours :(.

ha, haha, ha...ha. Don't even get me started.
I ran someone the other day for their first hellfire and it was 5CC, 30+CD, Avg damage, 200+ dex...

I drooled a little and went and played with all my brimstones sadly.
It'll be a great benefit for everyone in the monk community.

I don't know how your gear compare to these monks but here are a few of my suggestions: Nameless, Scrapz, Piffle, Cayzer, Druin, Nacro

*edit wrote piffle twice .. sorry it was a mistake not playing favourites here lol ... ohh yeah all of them have given alot to the monk comunity already so that's why I trust them

Nono, I think Piffle having twice the chance definitely sounds about right!


Yeah dude, just come run ubers with me and narc. We carry noobies nightly and help em get their rings.

Well I know your gear is better than mine but you didn't have to call me a noobie! =(

Well I know your gear is better than mine but you didn't have to call me a noobie! =(

whatcha talking about. You were carrying me!

I pretty much quit and have not played in almost 10 days. I gave away my leftover gold(about 500 mil) to some random posters in another forum. but i do not wanna sell my gears. most of them did not cost much but they took me quite bit time to gather. Honestly i have been looking for someone who can take good care of my gears rather than let them sit in dust.
I used to play d3 by myself, so I do not really have real friends in my list(most of them are my service customers, haha).
not much criteria needed..but they can be very hard to meet

a good/trustworthy person, a good monk

i probably have another week or so to find a new owner. otherwise i would give those to some long term friend on jsp. I really do not want to because he is enjoying his newb monk a lot and he may feel bored with these gears

Hey man, sorry to hear that you are potentially quitting the game. I personally am starting to get back into it a bit with some of my friends, but they are quite a bit more geared than me. On top of this, I am broke, so to try and catch up I have been trying to bid snipe good items haha. This typically involves a bunch of farming runs so I can work up about a mil to try and get a new item, then it's rinse and repeat.

Anyway, I would gladly take care of your gear in your absence (or even a single piece!) so I can play at the same level as my friends. If at any time you would like your gear back, I would be happy to welcome you back to the game.

thanks for all the kind words. I really appreciate that

I hope to get one important thing straight.
If you are relatively "poor in game", I most likely will not consider give gears to you. I could give you some gold but as I said, I already gave away my leftover golds to 10 persons, 50 mil each.
why this? because I do not want my gears to be an "end" to your build. I hope you have your thought on monk builds and keep looking for upgrades and have relatively enough gold for those. That is what I was doing, just I felt so bored of this game and do not want to spend time on it. I hope if I have chance/mood to come back later on and I will be extremely happy to see you make the gears even better. This takes skills, time and gold.

that is what i mean by " taking good care".
All I need to say is Mempo. Cant afford one and cant look at one without thinking...I will never be able to get one. I dont know why your leaving, but I will make love to some of your gear like it was my own wife.
good gear on ur monk.

every time i login to play, always hope to have a drop of the gears like urs.
many friends ask me don't dream, luck is too small to have them.

may b i dun hav luck in game, but may b here u r my "Santa". :)

u can consider borrow gears for me to play,
when u return, jz get back frm me.

i m confidence that we going to have a welcome ceremony for your return.

~~ PorkLover ~~
Totally agree dude. A new monk won't be able to handle your gear. It's insta God Mode.
Consider the monks that I've listed since they are pretty solid.

off topic ... do you have any lower lighting monk gear or 1 or 2 mil gold? =D
I'll totaly take those ;)
Good lord at the gear on you folks in here x.x

Just started back in after a few month break myself. Helps to clear out the burnout on games, but man if you are going to leave, to call anything you've got an upgrade would be an understatement o.o

DaverShuk1517 Might as well toss my hat in the ring :P
01/10/2013 07:27 PMPosted by Gelu
because I do not want my gears to be an "end" to your build.

I don't think my build will ever have an end, that would be boring.

I know how you mean - the game is getting a bit disenchanting when you faceroll mp10.

That said - there are always improvements to be made and i'll always strive to knock the fat out of GHOM that little bit quicker!

EDIT: If we ever do get TDM pvp though - I sincerely hope you will come smash some barbs with me.
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Hey, just came here lookin for build advice and noticed your post and you have some amazing gear.. I'd love even a single piece. I'm kinda new to monk, been playing wd for a long time but bored of it and loving my wd.. borrowed my current wd inna's gear from buds lol.. yours would actually help me out.. well some of it that is. anyway.. gl finding a spot for your gear. :)
Let me borrow your gears. You can always get it back anytime you need them. Your gears can greatly help me in farming.
Gelu.... dont leave! i dont really know you, but i have seen you post here and there. PVP should be coming withing the next 2-3 weeks hopefully, that might spark a new interest in the game for you.

anyways hope people here convince you to not leave. and if that doesnt happen... you should let me test your mempo out before you give it to someone for safe keeping :(
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I'm lost...I thought it was decided I was going to hold it for him
You've got a great monk and it's a shame to see you go. I'm not asking for gear because I don't think I quite fit you requirements (unless you feel like helping out a 04 jsp'er... =P). What I do want to know is do you feel that the lack of "theorycrafting" to be a significant reason for your departure, if at all.
Gelu, that is one amazingly geared monk you have there. Sorry to see you go.
I would definitely like a piece or two of your gear. You're a cold resist monk like me, which is awesome, and I see a piece or two that would probably put me over 150k(Several pieces are upgrades, but honestly, I'd be happy to get just over 150k dps unbuffed). Gotta say, your monk is pretty sweet man, are you sure you want to get rid of your stuff?(I haven't read all the thread, so if you've decided to hold onto your stuff, that's great, It'd be sad to see such a great monk leave).

I will say, I'm not on the same level as scrapz and several other monks on these forums, whom have given away tons of gear, but I have at least half a dozen or more people on my friends list that got there because I gave away gear(I keep multiple pieces in my stash at all times to give to random people, not just monks either) to them.
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Let me borrow your gears. You can always get it back anytime you need them. Your gears can greatly help me in farming.

UHH, lol, you sent ME a message to borrow my gears...what is going on???
I have you right clicked to report as spam, just came over to read some forums posts...uhhh
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