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giving away my monk

I'm interested!! I will gladly take care of that gear :-P. Millhouse9#1885
Damn, you were on top of my "avoid" list when pvp comes (from EHP profiles post haha)

Anyway, my main character is DH and like you when she reached a point where I considered "enough" I got really bored and quit for a while.

I came back and started to build a monk as my second character and I really like how monk works, have been putting in good hours to level up, trying different settings and gears with what I find and what gold I have.

01/10/2013 07:27 PMPosted by Gelu
that is what i mean by " taking good care".

If you still wanna quit after few days, I am willing to take good care of your gears.

UHH, lol, you sent ME a message to borrow my gears...what is going on???
I have you right clicked to report as spam, just came over to read some forums posts...uhhh

Sorry, my bad. I mistaken you for Gelu.
I played diablo 3 since launch. Just auctioned a bunch of items to rebuild my monk because my current monk sucks. Even if I sell everything to rebuild, my new monk would not even come half as good as this monk. This will be perfect for me. I promise I would keep great care of it. I know I won't be selling or replacing any of the items because I am a sucker for awesome gear making me a little of a hoarder. Perhaps with gear like this I can finally experiment with higher MP levels.

I promise if you ever decide to come back...u can PM me and I'll gladly give your gears back to you. <-another reason I won't sell/replace a single item. Just want good gears to do higher MP and farm some. With my current gear I farm too slowly even on lower MP.

So please let me BORROW your gear. I promise I'll return them as soon as you want them back.
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Man this is totally unexpected....the way you geared thought you were definitely going to pvp.

Sorry to see you leaving but if your gear needs a temp home while ou go on sebaticle my lady monk is almost at 60 and it would cool to run a top tier S&B LS monk.

Would rather see you running a muck with us though.

Captain "the happy shenlong using monk" Carl
Hey, looks like some great gear you got there. If you're still deciding to give your gear away I'd love to get considered. I believe I fit your criteria and would get a lot of help from some upgrades. Money has always stopped me being able to get past this 158k dps wall. I'd love to play around with other gears if aren't going to use yours anymore. Good luck on whatever you plan on doing if you're not playing Diablo3 anymore.

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@OP, the game is very much dead if you play alone. Good to have real life friends in here, but trustworthy online friends can make a big difference too. A smaller push/pull factor will be the community, which for the Monk class, is clearly going into the dumps recently.

A quitting post gathers a lot of attention, and immediate the vultures set themselves in motion.

I'm not going to ask for your gear, I'm going to make you a counter-offer. Your WD is not yet 60. Explore the WD class till 60 and inferno, and I will give you decent gear for that class. Not enough to clear high MPs, but definitely fully equiped (Skorn or EF included, depending whether YOU choose 1H or 2H) to speed exp farm MP0, and definitely good enough for you to test out the wide build variety of that class at MP0. Of course, I can't afford to gear you for niche builds as I lack the gold to buy those items myself.

I set no conditions to my counter-offer. You can still give away your gear to other players if you decide to.

While other players like you to see their gear/profile/build because of immense elitist attitude and ego, all I will say to you is "add me" in game, and feel the difference, even if it is only in a virtual game.
Wow, sad to see someone with your quality gear leaving. I echo the wish that you'd just stick around - maybe you'll find yourself wanting to come back in a few months, and having exceptional gear like that would make things a lot easier (or cheaper, depending on which route you take).

If you do decide to take off, I'll take the gear - but if you come back, I'll return it, and go back to what I'm currently using (plus any upgrades I find/buy along the way).

01/10/2013 03:00 PMPosted by Gelu
I pretty much quit and have not played in almost 10 days.

1st i have to say congrats with your ablilty to move on :)

i know for sure this isnt an easy task , at least to me that is.

good luck :)
Your gear is too good to be all taken. What I like about the game is finding upgrades, which won't be possible with all your gear lol. But if I could have one of your gear, I would be so happy. Your Inna's chest is what I want the most, but your weapon or helm are amazingly good too.

So why give it to me? I don't really know. As a person, I try to be a truly good human being. I am vegetarian since a year and a half and it's the best thing I've done so far. I believe that all lives are sacred, so it has some things to do with buddhism, so by extend with monks. That's why I like this class so much. As for D3, I played most of my time with a DH, but got bored of dying too often. I just finished leveling all classes to 60 and I'M having a blast with my monk, barb and WD. Wiz is not that great for now. I find that, unlike barbs, monks are expensive to gear, so I'm having some difficulty going to 100K dps and still having decent survivability.

I enjoy the classic Fists of thunder/cyclone build, but I recently started buying gear for a Tempest rush monk. I need still a bit more spirit/sec and more vit. As I have Inna's pants and belt, your Inna's chest would give me more spirit/sec and less attack speed (my current chest is Tal Rasha's with IAS), and the less attack speed I have, the better for the tempest rush build to work (if not, the spirit goes down too fast...). Plus the vit will be useful as I don't have a lot. That is how it could help me and how I could make a good use of it.

Anyway, cheers!

bearr #2157
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Any of this gear is a massive upgrade for myself! I know there are plenty of other monks out there who need it just as much as i, so ill just chuck my 0.02 gold here.

hmm....can consider me as well. i'm pretty much geared and still always looking for upgrades but any upgrades from my gears is a huge step forward in gold. I've been wasting alot of gold just to experiment with different builds and stats, like lesser crit chance, but faster atkspd, or vice versa, pros and cons and etc. and i play all classes to level 60, my fav class is still the monk eventhough its design is pretty broken imho. I play quite often and i've been playing monk most of my time. you can see it from my profile in game.

so yea, i'd be glad to continue your legacy with your gears, add me in game if you want to know more about me.

on another note, yea, stay for pvp dude, i'm kind of interested to know your S/B monk with slower atkspd vs a higher atkspd monk. goodluck to you.

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I want to experiment with many different gear sets.

I will nurture your mempo.
I take pride in my monk and am similar to what you described in OP.
Also,that amulet might be good as well

Hope you don't go
Hi, I appreciate your generousity for the fellow monk players. I can imagine how hard it was
for you to gather all the gears in every slots and it means more than gold, because you can't just find gears like those even though you have 9999m gold. It takes extremeley long time to find a decent gear (especially monk's) and you also have to go through a very stressful time until the acution ends if the auction had no Buy out option. I totally understand how meaningful they are to you, so I'm gonna take my time and introduce myself to help you understand the person who might be a new owner to your gears. I'm a hardcore diablo fan and I picked up my first copy of D1 when it was released in 90s. Like all the diablo fans, I waited long enough for D3 and I have been playing since the first day it was released. The game had a lot of issues in the begining but I managed to finish act3 inferno in the first month after D3 was released (before the inferno lvl nerf) and never gave up on playing and kept on going after all the nerfs and item changes. Honestly, I used to main demon hunter and I have put nearly 1,000 hours on. It was ranked witin top 1,000 DH with the highest damage in america (280k unbuffed DPS)and I had gathered Best in Slot gears. However, I quit my DH and transfered most of gears to my monk (thanks god they share same main stats). My monk now has 170k unbuffed DPS with 2.84 attack speed, nearly 3,000 dex and almost 500 all resist (I also stack Cold resist) and I'm not even using nats set or echo fury combo. My goal is to reach within top 10 monk in america and I believe I can get close to that "dream" with your gears.

Hello, upon viewing your profile, i would have to say that i am the complete opposite of your build. :)

I emphasize primarily on the functional tanking prowess of our class. I too did not spend on RMAH to gather my gears and have videos uploaded since September 2012 showing my slow yet satisfying gearing progress. :) Diablo is still a blast even after many months of playing.

I love testing out mechanics and trying out different build variations that would work both in PVE and probably even the upcoming PVP patch. With your gears, i would be able to test out more variations and limitations that cannot be possible with my gears. If you'd like i can upload a video of your gears in action on my channel. It would be also serve as my thank you for allowing me such privilege in pushing our class past its cliche' limits. :)

Please do check out my profile here and in www.diabloprogress.com. I have a newly uploaded video there if ever you want to see my tank gears in actual performance. (link below)

I would gladly put your gears to good use and rest assured that they will be taken care of, as i have done with mine. :)

Cheers mate! ZRaiyne#6337

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I will throw my name in also. Sheldor #1759

I respect for your desire to *give* the set away. I think there is much satisfaction giving something to someone who you know will truly appreciate it. If you give the set to me, sorry no take backs! If you lend this set to someone offering to give it back, then you really aren't quitting the game, everyday you will be tempted to ask for it back.

I am long time monk player, but I have taken different route than most. I have always focused on heavy spirit regen and life per spirit spent. Before all the nerfs I used a range monk build with hand of ytar. Now I have switched to bell spamming. If you are looking at my gear, it is probably my MF set, so anything with MF is not my best gear.

While it has been fun, it has become clear to me it is very far from optimal. I would love to help carry some of my friends for lvl 10 ubers (couple of them just got game for Christmas). However, my gear just doesn't allow it. I am hopeful one day blizzard will rebalance some monk skills to encourage using different skills, however I have kind of lost hope in that regard.

Also with this gear I wouldn't bother using the auction house anymore, and I could just give away any good gear I find, which I think would bring further enjoyment for me. I think the AH is what is kind of bringing me down on the game. I think my monk has maybe 400 game hours, but I am sure I have spent more than like 1500 hours just in the AH. My favorite part of D2 was just hosting games, and dropping loot for people.
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I hate to see you go, but would love your gear! I don't use the cookie cutter build and never have. I'm always changing builds to keep it interesting and challenging. I love playing the game not just farming, which is why my gears are not "end game". Your gear would bring an unparalleled adrenaline rush with a perma grim from hell. I would give my gear to a newer monk in return, to keep with the "spirit" of this community.

I just spent the last 30 minutes drooling over your gear. I know you're probably not going to choose me but I mean hey, I can dream. I think your build will trash all of the cookie cutter monks when pvp come out but if you really are done with the game I respect that decision. I couldn't tell you how many hours I've spent attempting to snipe out gear like yours in efforts to constantly better my monk. I wish you good luck in whatever you choose to spend your time on and maybe I'll see you around on jsp ;). Have a good one.
Looking to upgrade my monk~ Tamjin#1228.
GL with w/e it is you're choosing to do regardless.
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