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giving away my monk

well gelu, if i were you. i would be rather sell all those items so that it will prevent you to come back and fulfil your commitment.
but if you insists, maybe you can let me borrow your godly equip so that I can use it. trust me, tI will not sell those equips and give you back those equip if you change your mind.

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I think u should hold in till PvP, it could be months, however u might return to D3 after the release. I personally cannot use any of ur armor (I do TR build), so i dont really care who is gonna win. But if u really want to quit and give away ur gear, i could use one of ur emerald for my weapon. But dont throw ur gear away so fast, it must have taken u a long time and a lot of money to obtain such a superb gear
Shame you're leaving, would have been good to have you represent us monks in PvP. If you do happen to consider me to be a candidate for the give away/rental, hope you take my gear and paragon into consideration. Been climbing the paragon levels due to the gear ceiling, I play almost religiously and plan to eventually reach the top percentile. Anyways back to TR grinding to 100 less than 20 lvs to go! Best of luck to whatev you do. pvtpyle#1299
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This is getting awfully interesting.

GL Gelu on a decision.
Man, I'd love to have a set like this, but I agree with some others. Don't go. Just keep your gearset and come back to revisit from time to time, and partake in some PvP once they release that! And if you are cool with someone to babysit and use your gear (and not sell) until you come back, I'd be honored to do it. :) I'd just have to level up another monk and just slap this gear on that other monk to hold onto it.

If you decide to never come back after a "cooling off" period, I can pass on this generosity to pass this onto another lucky monk that will hopefully do the same.

Good luck in finding a suitor that fulfills your requirements.
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Indeed. Dont give away your set of gear. I agree sometimes you need to break away from the some-what monotonous grinding. But i still think you shud have soemthing you can use when you do get back. If you really feel like you need to give thegear away so it doesnt collect dust, get someone reputable (and look like they will be here for a very long while) to look after you gear till you come back, im sure you wont have problem getting it back. Of coz any upgrades in the set can go to you as interest. :D

It is sad that you are leaving tho. I dont know you well, but good shield monks are hard to come by these days.

Of coz, i would dream to get a gear set like that. :) I might not be able to fully utilise your gear if you give it to me tho, since im lightning monk. Maybe if i have enough all res combining your set and mine i can drop OWE :)

As for your condition....... im a good and trusting person. IT is hard to convince another person how trustworthy yourself is, but i think it is important to note to be trustworthy, you need to be trusting, coz the only way to gain trust, is giving trust. :)

Same as you i play alone all the time, so i dont really have many ppl on my list. The only monks i interact alot with is piffle and mojo. So i guess they can kinda vouch if i m trustworthy or not, and a "good" monk. :)

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I'd just have to level up another monk and just slap this gear on that other monk to hold onto it.

I already have a second monk i can "park" this second set of gear lol.
Gelu, your gear is just so great.

I hope you reconsider and wait for PvP. Your monk would represent us well and pwn to dust a few overconfident barbs.

However, if you decide to go through with your decision, I can vouch for scrapz and Cayzer: they helped me and many other monks with giveaways, gear suggestions, etc. They are very trustworthy (not to say that others are not, but I personally observed that with them).

GL and I hope to see you in PvP!
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I have a solution.

It looks like the first round of PvP is going to be some kind of 1 on 1 dueling?

I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL. If I win I get your gear, muwahahahaha

You are going down xD
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I'm not going to lie I need a Mempo to complete my gear. So please give it to me! I always do free carrys for ubers and farming runs so boosting my DPS even further, will help me help others.

Think of it as the circle of life.

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Hit me up PwnageInc#1375
No breaks no mistakes! ALL DAYYYY ER DAYYYY
DCHuang#1780 throwing my hat in the ring
Also, Gelu you should come play Terraria :x

Hope you dont miss this amongst the other messages
playing since day 1. not stoping until i hit 100.

i'd very much want your belt.


Anyway, my advice is the other way around. Sell your items. Keep your gold. When you do decide to come back, you'll have the gold to buy gear. I don't see gold getting any cheaper. It'd be the best time to invest in gold. Items will depreciate.

On a different note, please don't give any of your item or gold to someone who hasn't paid their dues. Let them reach maybe at least 80k DPS (not glass cannon) on their own. You touched on this when you mentioned you don't want your item to be new owner's end gear. When you've played since day 1, you'd know how difficult it is or was to get good DPS. Now it just keeps getting easier. Please don't make it easier for anybody by giving away stuff.

* Didn't ready any of the posts. Apologies if i just said what they said.
Wow, this is a really generous thing that you are doing. It's nice to see somebody trying to help out other gamers.

If you are unsure of your decision to leave the game entirely, i would gladly hold them for you. It would be nice to do some runs/farming that didn't depend on TR rushing or snapshot "exploits".

In all honesty, if I were you, I would wait until 1.07 to make this decision. If you make it that long and are still happy a giveaway like this would still make any monk ecstatic.

If you do decide to go ahead with this, I would gladly pass on the generosity. I have an amazing TR set to pass along. This is the sort of thing we need in this community.

Best of luck to you, if you'd like to discuss in game Duffmahn#1677. Always online :)
I hope your willing to play comes back, it's not good to see such amount of effort go away.

Anyways, I'm fighting to make my monk better my own way, but if you are still in the mood of giving yours away I can use some of your gear to help me achieve my goal (Fast hitting tempest rush monk on high dex), like your nat's boots, mempo and wards.

you can get my btag from my profile, but anyways here it is in case I get to be the chosen one :P

Consider me:) it is a shame that you are going though!:( Symbolic#2888
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It's always sad to see a fellow monk go.. Just a heads up, I'm in the market for a high end set for my Monk...you can sell it to me if you decide and call it quits.

Your profile shows you still have it.
If the encouragement from everyone else hasn't caused you to change your mind I won't add to that pressure. But if you believe in moving on then I've got nothing but the best wishes for you.

If you choose to see what else lies ahead then I'd be very interested in your generous offer. I've got what I believe to be an OK monk but have been struggling with getting everything fine tuned. I love my monk and have a little gold, but not nearly enough to afford the items to perfect my monk. Feel free to add me I'd be happy to talk. ShadesOfGrey#1170
Would also liked to be considered. Been playing d3 since day 1, and still enjoying it!
I am almost in your same boat with my barb. I have been working on lvling him to 100 and the grind is just mind-numbing. I have considered going back and working on my monk/wiz but the thought of starting from scratch with their gear is just depressing. I in no way "need" your gear but I feel like it would help in giving me a breath of fresh air and new goals to work towards.

No matter what you decide, good luck in whatever you do.

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