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NEED HELP choosing a weapon 500m budget

Hi everyone!

I am looking to swap out my EF for something better, and I was wondering what stats should I go for. I was thinking of LS/DEX/SOC or LS/CD/SOC but I have no clue of what to get because everything seems to be overpriced on the AH.

Thanks for your help!
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My offhand is for sale for the right price. LS, LOH, Dex, CD, Socket fist
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Thanks, but I was thinking of higher damage and no loh, that seems like too much.
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I would go with a better echo then, your not going to beat it for pure damage if thats what your after.
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i was thinking that, but the fear is just too annoying!
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I would have to agree fear is garbage, the best weapon in game with the most annoying attribute. I am using a Fist of something I found selling my EF. lots of options. Socket LS,CD etc. What about a Won Khim Lau not bad.
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yeah thats a nice fist! I wonder if they come with LS/soc or if they only roll 1 random attribute? cause that would be a nice thing to have!
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Fist of Az is generally NOT considered endgame because it only rolls one random stat. It is a good budget weapon when you're just starting Inferno though.

The fear on EF is only a hindrance when fighting naturally fast monster types or elites with the Fast affix.

With a budget that high, BladeSyphon is right, I would try to find a similar EF except with an OS instead of IAS.
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I was just looking at some EF and I am wondering how important is the attack per second attribute. The EF's on the Ah are kind of crazy priced. I can buy a 1080 dmg EF or a 1200 rare axe with similar stats.
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Haha, check out my new EF, got it for 126M, which i consider a steal. Just gotta camp on the AH for some time. Dex EF arent that expensive as their str counterparts, you can get a similar one for about 170 buyout or something.

You should be able to reach 150k dps with 500M, my entire gear costs barely above 500M, and i have reached that milestone with respectable EHP and sustain.

the +APS will affect your other weapon, for me each 0.01 is about 1k damage, so run the numbers in d3up first before you make any buys.
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ok thanks! but please not I am looking for a weapon with LS, thats my main issue
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You should be able to get a decent echo around 1100 dps with socket and LS for 500M. Try to get one as close as possible to the .25 aps. This was my last echo and I used it for about 3- 4 months with a nice Whon Khim. I had about 250K unbuffed dps but I chose recently to go a little more defensive.

For a quick dps check you can copy your profile over to www.theasiangamer.com or www.d3up.com and see how much damage it will give you. I prefer Asian gamer just to check dps because its a little easier to use.
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