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Hey guys, I need some help with the monk basics I suppose. ATM I am sitting at 1014 resist all, 58.1k hp, 4051 armor, and about 42k dmg (without breath of heaven buff). I also have about 1200 life on hit.

I seem to be able to handle the hits perfectly fine, I've even tried killing packs in mp10 just to see how I would hold up and I do just fine. My obvious problem is dmg. I can rip through mp0 without any trouble killing elite packs in normally 6~ seconds but I want to be able to handle higher mp a little faster.... taking 10 minutes to kill an elite pack isn't exactly enjoyable... even if I don't die once.

My entire gear set cost me about 14mill total and I have about 12mill left. I don't have the option of buying gold from the RMAH.

So on to the questions... I think the skills I am using are right but SW-cyclone really isn't doing much for me due to my horrid crit hit chance. What is the best way to approach improving my damage? Don't spare the details, I haven't been playing in a while so I'm sure there are new things I'm unaware of.

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Seriously this is a softcore game, its ok to die once in a while in exchange for killing speed. General advice would be to get CC on bracers, CC CD on ammy, avg dmg/ias/cc on both rings, cc/ias/200+ dex on gloves, CD+sockets on weapons.

All of this might not be affordable at once given your budget, but you gotta lose the stats in the long term, settle for around 40k hp, 650 AR, 5000 armor (400k ehp) would be enough to mow through MP 5.

You also need at least 1 LS weapon + 600-1k LOH, or 2 LS weapons, though that might change again in the upcoming patch.
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Any specific items that are a must (like a strongarm bracer or something of the like)?
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