Diablo® III

Another lag story and description

Like many other posters, I occasionally suffer extreme lag. I usually play the Siegebreaker quest in public games.

My PC is specced as follows:

Intel Q8400
16GB DDR3 (4x4GB; same manufacturer and model)
ATI Radeon HD 5770
I have all graphics options set to their lowest possible settings. I play full screen at highest resolution.

What I generally see in MP games is that, when we begin fighting an elite group (could be the first, could be the 20th), my FPS drops to a point where the game sits at the same screen for 15 seconds and then advances one or two frames and then freezes again for another 15 seconds. At the same time, I hear a fan (I am assuming the GPU fan) slow down. Eventually, the lag goes away or I lose my connection. Usually, when things get back to normal, I am dead. One time, I accepted resurrection, and started running over to the Legendary that had dropped, and was disconnected from the server! Yay! Oh well,...it was probably just a brimstone anyway!

This does not happen in SP games. I can play SP games for hours on end. I can play Borderlands 2 with no issues. In fact, I can think of no other app that ever crashes on my machine. (Well, IE crashes sometimes, I guess!)
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I am much the same as you, 2 nights ago I was doing a ubber run with some friends and they told me over chat that the battle was over 30 seconds ago and I was still seeing it on my screen. I estimate I was about 20-30 seconds behind what was actually happening.

My ping in game usually goes from 280-2000 even in single player. Not sure if its cause im living in New Zealand but play other games with US Servers and they are fine to play, dont have huge lag spike with any other game.

I also play on the lowest settings

my computer specs
Q6600 quad
8 gig Ram
ATI HD6850
windows 7 64bit
New Zealand
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Have the same problem in a SP game... U can play for 1-2 days without problems... And once game just freezes, everything hung up... Was waiting like 4-5 seconds and the open Task Manager to kill Diablo3 application.

As im playing 60(35) Hardcore monk on A3 MP1, it is very annoying to have such lags...
Once my teammate saved me on a elite pack, and once freezed with out pack, so my hp pool helped me to stay alive... But im sure it's just a matter of time to die in such a lag...

GeForce GTX580
Intel Core-i7 2600K
8 Gig Ram
Windows 7 64bit
100mbit lan connection (average latency ingame 60-70
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Been happening to me too for the past few days.
Elites seem to trigger a freeze and then the disconnection. I am able to play for perhaps 3 to 4 minutes and then have to log in again.

My latency is constantly hovering around 1300 and the lag spikes are horrendous
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