Now, as awesome as this ability is, it would be great to see a timer for it.

A timer was added for Gruesome Feast,, which I had avoided until lately because I couldnt tell if I had been buffed or not, and how many stacks I was holding.
Wouldn't it be a simple fix to put a buff timer on for this ability as well? the image for the ability would be re-used, so no design work there. The code already exists to have the timer running unseen in the background, now just connect the two in the buff bar! [yes, ik its not as easy as that, but it would be great to see the timer on the skill and how many stacks you have of it]

Speaking of how many stacks you can have of this, how many is that exactly? Because While looking at my dps and using the ability, I never see it jump the supposed 15%. (usually I am mid-run, so its probably already buffed, but thats not the point.) if it is a max of 3 stacks, then it should say so. With farming build, you can easily sacrifice 10 dogs in 30 seconds depending how much circle of life procs, and I know I'm not seeing a 50% increase ever lol.


  • You gave Gruesome Feast a buff timer, showing the one that is closest to ending.
  • Please do the same for Provoke the Pack.
  • Make sure it shows how many stacks you currently have!
Edited by RaunchyFartB#1394 on 1/16/2013 3:46 PM PST