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Hoping for a WD pvp nerf

Before judgements know that I AM A WITCH DOC. I enjoy playing under used classes and if it stays like it is EVERYONE will roll WD.

Anyone else scared that we won't be the outcasts anymore?


People won't switch WD for this !@#$, if they do they are idiots.
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01/17/2013 12:37 PMPosted by Brahm
my barb does ok, the only issue is cool down and resources when both are good to go he basically can kill anything then when i run out or my spells are in cool down he is worthless for about 2 minutes

funny, now barbs know how WDs feel in PvE on high MP when we run into resource management problems
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Looks like you are getting your wish OP. In addition to confirming that players are elites and that PTR is bugged and not counting them atm, they said that players will have they same CC reduction as elites, so expect a 65% nerf to our CC skills. No more one hex ownage on barbs.
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WDs are ridiculously strong, however I find that they are mostly stronger because

1. WD players have been forced to learn how to play smart, while a lot of other chars have been more button smashing in PVE than anything else. As other classes learn strategies, they will get better.

2. WDs have skills unlike any that classes have played against and so once again it will take time for classes to figure out strategies against a class with so many tricks up their sleeves.

3. Almost everybody is wearing PVE gear, and PVE gear is not suited well to fighting WDs.

4. WDs has an arsenal of effective skills that neutralize the different classes. Haunt > than any DH or WZ, Hex > than any melee char. Then you can throw in grasp, SB, and more.

5. Spirit VEssel + spirit walk owns......however I have noticed for some reason certain skills bypass spirit vessel and kill you without it kicking on......that gets very annoying......Storm Armor seems to do it the most to me.
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01/17/2013 04:22 PMPosted by MikeHoncho
Looks like you are getting your wish OP. In addition to confirming that players are elites and that PTR is bugged and not counting them atm, they said that players will have they same CC reduction as elites, so expect a 65% nerf to our CC skills. No more one hex ownage on barbs.

PTR bugged what? You mean that health globes from dogs are not supposed to heal your enemies? or that team buffs are not supposed to also boost your enemies? :D
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keep asking for nerf idiots and your wd will be completely useless in a few months. dont cry then
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no need to nerf wd.

barbs already figured it out. i initially thought they need a buff with starting fury, but apparently they don't need it.

here you go, barb ownage coming back:


and also checkout this barb doing 1v3 dh. i don't think he died in the whole 6 min.

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I'm a wizard, not a WD. But you guys totally deserve to be #1 in pvp. I think every class should be the best at something:

barbs: farming speed, boss kills
monk: mp10 farming
wiz: ubers
wd: pvp
dh: QQ
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yeah OP... let me be frank.

So you do testing then come back and say we need nerfs after 2 days of ptr...

gimme a break...

so far i have run into an unkillable barb already, even with my 260k dps. Dh are super annoying...

and man, zeckro's 0s dogs build is pretty insane too.

i also get 1 shotted every time a wiz gets withini 40m of me.

so yeah, you can please simmer down now, young wotus.

its balanced.

i didnt even mention stupid monks that perma stun you.

Well, we are getting a CC nerf so my limited 2 days of observation was actually spot on. So simmer down now young grasshopper, our skills were not working as intended.

An unkillable barb? Yea i have run into one and it was like having a fly buzzing around your head. They cant kill you either.

Havent faced many 0 dog builds.

Use life link dogs and storm armor has a 25% chance to hit you and wont one shot you if it does. Well it shouldnt if your EHP is high enough.

Monks? Grasp/wall from a distance to force them into serenity, then kite around like crazy,using the environent to protect you from thunderclap tele,until serenity wears off. Then kill.

As for DH they are tricky, but wait for them to SS, give it a sec, then Spirit Walk, then haunt them as they come out.

But alas, given the negative reaction people are giving towards PVP im not worried about WD becoming the new barb so my OP is null and void.
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i think it's fine, we're hardly OP when it comes to farming or PVE.

if anything it actually gives people a reason to play other classes haha (i.e. everyone will have a barb for farming and a WD for PVP)
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Armor, dodge and resists already have soft cap and hard cap
while critical chance, critical damage and increased attack speed do not.

If crit chance, crit damage and IAS had soft caps and hard caps it would be much more balanced.

Armor and resists soft cap : 50-69% mitigation
Armor and resists hard cap : >70% mitigation
Dodge soft cap : 33-49% dodge
Dodge hard cap : >50% dodge

Critical chance cap should be : Soft cap at 33-49% range and hard cap from 50% and over.
Critical damage soft cap should be in the 200-299% range with hard cap at 300%.
IAS soft cap should be 50-69% speed of weapon and hard cap >70% speed of weapon.

By soft cap I mean when the diminishing returns begin.
By hard cap I mean when the VERY diminishing returns apply.

if theres no limit to damage, why do you limit our defenses?
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Fortunately, a damage reduction change is most certainly coming across the table and may affect some classes more than others. With barbs getting fixed for PvP too most likely, I think we'll have to wait and see.

An across the board damage reduction would actually greatly buff WD's in pvp. It would make tanky zero dog WD's literally unkillable.

A damage nerf would also severely gimp demon hunter's, since currently the only way they're staying viable is building pure glass and spamming smoke screen with leg nat's. As gay it is, demon hunter's that do other things are pretty gimped since their utility is extremely limited outside their invulnerability.

Wizard's from my experience have been the most versastile class. I've seen them pull off all sorts of crazy builds and I never know how a wizard's going to play when I step into the arena. I think they can adapt to a damage nerf

Barbs and Monks would be the only classes that benefit somewhat from a dmg nerf since their tank abilities would become more useful. Maybe that's where all the damage QQ is coming from :b.

Edit: And if they did nerf damage, the best way to do it is to just put a cap on crit damage to like 100%. the gap in damage between normal attacks and crits has become so large that 90% of damage done comes from the 40% of attacks that crit and the remainig 10% comes from the 60% that don't crit. It creates these spikey "all or nothing" scenarios where if you crit you one shot, and if you don't crit the attack was hardly noticeable.
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