Hello everyone!

My name is Jo aka. PhobosDiablo. Today I want to introduce my new Series "A Game to Remember" to all of you! If you're a more seasoned Gamer you've probably played lots and lots of different games in your time. Especially the ones you've played as a child, teenager or even young adult might have a special place in your heart. Nowadays, older gamers often times reminisce about games from back then and how much more awesome they've been, especially for its time. Back then, it wasn't about collecting achievements, it was about the experience and sharing said experience with your friends, whether it be in class, on the schoolyard or somewhere else.

These days were truly golden and certain moments in videogames coined us and our understanding of being a "true gamer". These moments and memories are what I will try to re-capture and revive in this new series. And even if you didn't play these games at the time, you still might enjoy watching games that were really popular, hated or talked and rumoured about back in the day.

Now, without further ado, I want to show you my handiwork - since we are on a Diablo-related forum I think you guys might be interested in my first Episode, in which I talked about my very first experiences with the Butcher in Diablo 1.


Who doesn't remember the dark and terrifying atmosphere of the Tristram Cathedral? Personally, that's what I miss the most about the newest installment of our beloved franchise.

Apart from this episode, I've also already made episodes about classics like The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Half-Life or the original Resident Evil. Check these vids out aswell, if you want to!

Top 5 Cheesiest But Funny Moments in Resident Evil:

Stealing from the Shopowner in Link's Awakening:

Everybody tried that back then - jumping out of the traincar during the introsequence of Half-Life -> possible or not?:

Remember, these episodes are always about specific moments in games - so some of them (especially the more epic ones) will be featured more than once :)

Please let me know down below what you guys think!

Thank you for your time!