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Boss Monks Needed

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Nice! Admittedly the Monk forum is a bit challenging due to the relatively high number of trolls but I've sifted through the replies and sent adds! You all are Boss Monks so far :)
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Most of us recall you trolling SuperJJ, and vice-versa. If you want monks to help you, no problem. As pretty much everybody knows, doing most anything with a decent CM wizard is easy.

If you want to do extra carries, let me know and I'll add you to my uber carry thread.
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lol someone remembered u alesso :)

@jco310 i think its a safe bet to add him to the uber carry thread as i usually see him performin uber carries whenever im online
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Since you vouch for him, I'll add him.
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I'm the monk your looking for

Mp10 no swet for now

Also have 30 Im's ready to smash out myself

Looking to use them all befor the update and mp10 becomes challenging

Any other Baws monks can add me for ubers providing you have an Im

the way my games work:

As soon as we get 5 stack tele to the fields when everyone's ready and the 1st person to find the Kw gets a free ride :)
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01/19/2013 11:59 AMPosted by Stratia
As soon as we get 5 stack tele to the fields when everyone's ready and the 1st person to find the Kw gets a free ride :)

nice one, i like :)
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After 1.07, MP 10 will be a challenge for those who used the SW "trick". As long as you didn't use that "trick", MP 10 will be easier for the rest of us given the RD nerf.
Edited by jco310#1218 on 1/19/2013 12:11 PM PST
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No tricks just good res and Ls, also knowing when to to avoid lock and beams

Only time I do swip swap is if the skelle king has taken my team and I'm forced to carry

Also I really should take that back as everything in 1.07 is subject to change
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please feel free to add me if you're stuck in a jam.
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I want to be a boss too!
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I dont believe in such things as bosses and underworkers, THE PROLETARIAT HAS AS MUCH OF A RIGHT TO BEAT UBERS AS THE REST OF YOU. We shau'nt fall for your honeyed whispers of social advancement, we shall fight the class warfare up to the end!! BOSSES NO MORE!!!

But yeah sure, i'd love to do some ubers :D
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I didnt get any friend requests btw!
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Are you trying to find another monk to get me out of this !?

Damn you Alesso ^^;
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Only 125k DPS but has 2.1mil EHP with dodge.
Been tanking MP10 uber.
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