Hoping someone can help me here... I've looked high and low and can't find anyone with a similar problem.

I updated my PTR account without any issues, clicked on it to launch and nothing happened.
Tried it a few more times without any success.

I tried uninstalling the PTR installation so I can try a fresh install, but it says it is currently in use.

I opened up Task Manager and find that I have 5 processes open for the Diabl III Public Test Launcher.exe *32 open and when I try to end the processes they all say "This operation could not be completed Access is Denied"

It also says the same thing for the Diablo III.exe *32 which is directly underneath the 5 Test Launcher ones.

Regular game is still launching and running fine, but my fear is that the 1.07 patch might do the same thing to regular game once the 1.07 patch goes live.

Any advice?