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Need some help

ok I thought i was doing ok DPS wise an all till I saw another DH and realized that my DPS sucked lol so im just wanting someadice on skills and gear that i should use Thanks in advance
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you really want to go for maxing as much crit dmg, crit hit %, and attack speed % as you can. As well as having pretty decent dex. most of the top dps DH have over 500% crit hit dmg, 45%+ crit hit, and 60%+ attack speed, while having near 2800+ dex.

skills wise i recommend Shadow Power with Gloom rune, you'll survive so much. pop it when you start to get hit and youll heal yourself with your damage.

i personally like steady aim DH skill a lot too, 20% increase dmg when 10yrds+ from the monster. Im almost always that far unless they trap me and Im forced to kill them in melee range.
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You definitely need to up your Crit Dmg. Mine is ok but as Chaser said Most top DH's have a TON of Crit Dmg. Look into getting some Ice Climbers for your feet. Inna's Favor and Temporance are a nice add on for an extra 2% crit hit chance. And the Temporance gives you an additional 12% movement speed. Then you can get rid of hot pursuit. Get as much Attack speed as you can get, either calamity or a manticore. As for you skills. I would suggest, and this is only suggestions, that you replace Lingering fog on Smoke Screen with Choking gas. With vault you don't need it to have a longer duration. So you will Leave damage 2x's over if you need to GTFO of dodge real quick. Replace Rapid fire with Shadow Power Gloom. Then you don't need to focus on having life steal on a weapon. In the higher MP levels you will want to use the passives Perfectionist, Brooding, and Vengeance. You should always have Vengeance on. It's a steady resource supply.

Hope this helps a little bit. And remember as a DH you have a built in life source for those hard fights. Use it.
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The best I can tell you is this - Go around on the DH forum and look at the top end DH's. You will learn alot, on how to gear and what skills to use. This is the best I can tell you, it worked for me.
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If you're on a budget look at some of my items - I just spent 1.9mil on this entire set. 73k DPS with no ShS and 144k with ShS
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@ Reactive

You should keep SS untill you get to 35cc, then switch out of it. When you go to up grade make sure you turn off SS before buying anything, if not you will waste alot of gold.
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