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Tempest Rush and Spirit Regen

I'm trying to get Tempest Rush to last indefinitely by having a greater Spirit Regeneration that Tempest Rush consume, but something is acting up.

The cost of Tempest Rush/Tailwind is 10 Spirit and the Spirit Regeneration i have is:

Exalted Soul 1.00
Chant of Resonance 2.00
Right Hand 2.48
Left hand 2.43
Head 2.50
Amulet 1.62

Which added together results in 12.03 Spirit Regeneration, the Detail sheet says 13.47 but where extra 1.44 SR is coming from, I have no idea.

But despite I'm having plenty of redundant SR, my Spirit keeps depleting, so I switch to Tempest Rush/Northern Breeze, which lowers the cost of TR to only 8 Spirit, but it still depletes my Spirit, albeit slowly.

What am i missing?
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You are missing two-hander.

See this: Diablo III Patch 1.0.5

Attack speed no longer influences the cost of Whirlwind. The end result is that the cost discrepancy between slow weapons and fast weapons has been greatly reduced."

Well, that never happened with Tempest Rush. You need slow weapon.
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look @ your attack speed
tempest rush cost 10 times your attack speed to channel not counting the intail cost of the cast
if u dual weild u have .15 attack speed bonus
get a diabo use templar u have too much speed lol
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attack speed factors into how fast you drain your spirit.
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TR costs 10 spirit per attack so the more attacks per second, the more spirit per second you will need. You want a 2 handed mace with no IAS gear. Increasing attacks per second will require more spirit regen gear, which will reduce your dps.
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Right, attack speed. Solved it, thanks.
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I'm just new to the TR build and I'm in progress in terms of gearing up my Monk. I don't have attack speed and I have a 2H. In town i can sustain TR but when running into mobs I seem to run out of spirit. Anyone know why? Also what is the ideal amount of spirit regen for this build?
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You need 10 spirit regen to every one atk spd.....soooooo if you atk speed is 1.4 then you need 14 spirit regen....same as if your atk speed is 1 then you need at least 10 spirit regen a sec then.....Soooo take your atk speed move the decimal to the right once and bam theres how much spirit you would need
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This will clear up 99% of all questions regarding TR builds and exp farming for monks.
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