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LF fun DH build.

Just started messin around with my DH again... haven't play him in quite a while (3-4 months). I thumbed through some of peoples profiles looking at specs, but it seems there's isn't a cookie cutter, or atleast commonly played spec (seeing everyones profile I checked was different in some way).

The spec I'm using now is just something I'm playing around with, but I'm lookin for something thats both versatile in mp0-1 farming runs and higher mp key farming.

Thanks in advance for any advice :).
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although i dont see many ppl using the same....i find it to be pretty fun..i use evasive fire (covering fire) with rapid shot (web shot)...and compliment those with spike traps (echoing blast)...does solid dmg and is really fast in lower mp's....in higher mp's i rely more on the traps since they do enormous amounts of dmg...
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Tried the build, but not a big fan of it. Rapid fire along with mines eats up too much hatred. After I lay the mines, there's not enough hatred to justify using rapid fire. It seems like a good build for higher mps... lots of survivability, but it doesn't quench my thirst in terms of speed.
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Well, my build has 2 hatred generators, 2 hatred spenders, and 2 discipline spenders. And all of them deal damage in some form or another, so my build is all about blowing s**t up. It's fun, but probably not very efficient. Each skill has advantages in different situations, and I enjoy mixing up different attacks.
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I doubt I'll ever do high MP runs [solo]. So, I build for fun.

I know some DH'ers don't like RF, but I love it.

The rest of the build is based on resource regeneration.
Bitter Pill + Night Stalker == Disc regen
Shadow/night bane == life + hatred regen.

It looks odd when I play because I tend to hit 'shadow' AFTER all the bad guys are dead (for hatred regen)
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A lot of people have found fun/speed in the strafe builds for mp0/1 runs..

It does eat up hatred though, but with bat, and if you invest a little in a Dead Man's Legacy it has hatred regen on it also...
plus if you skillset Vengeance with some pickup radius you don't really notice you run out.
But on higher mps it gets rough, most people go with a trap build...
I will say, i can solo mp3 decent, set up as is.
Can hit group key runs at mp5 pretty good (assorted toons)

You just have to test combos on the grind, you'll find skills that fit with your playstyle.
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I like to blow things up, So I use this build. Lot's of fun on higher MP lvl's.
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My build isn't terribly creative but I've had fun with it recently.
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strafe build for exp runs... best and most fun. Similar to ww barb spec.

I'm getting 60-70m xp per hour + a few beams of light ;)
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my knockback build can do up to mp5 fairly easily as long as you dont run into a ton of reflect damage..with the templar and calling stampede as soon as you approach a pack they usually dont even get close to you and with 2 smoke screens they are dead
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I think the HA+Ball Lightning is the cookiecutter (with prep, vault etc etc) build.

But I tried this new melee'ish build:

-Grenades (Hatred regen rune)
-Cluster (Loaded for bear, but can be anything..)
-Caltrops (Jagged)

The rest of the skills is kinda obvious;) But the passives: Grenadier atleast.

This is quite fun build if u can survive some hits.. Go in to melee and place caltrops, shadow power and clusters, couple of grenades and you can spam clusters again.
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I have DH that can run through MP0-1 very fast, but at the same time can solo MP10 for key farming.

MP0 - 1 Chakram build with 2 1hxbows. Near infinite chakrams with 125k + DPS

MP10 Tank build using grenades 95k DPS

if your interested send me a shout.
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For exp farming I use this build:


It is very fun, because you go as WW barb, only you can shoot further. I am just not sure, but to be efficient you should have roundish 150k dps unbuffed to just walk and never come back to finish demons. The catch is that you spawn gloom and rotate inside all the action and with vengeance passive you collect orbs and never run out of hatred. Another important thing for this build is that you want to have less attack speed, because as bigger attack speed as faster you loose hatred. I doesn't benefit from attack speed.

For MP10 and ubers I use this build:


The catch of this build is that you keep almost 70% reduced damage and gloom keeps you up with health. Bola shot with thunder ball passive grants you nice stuns for demons not to hit you 100% of a time. This build is also the one where you don't need to stand away from mobs, you always stay in the middle of a fight. If you stop shooting or dropping spike traps - you are dead, since you need damage to gain back life and with passive for crits to restore disciple you can keep gloom almost all the the time.

I run with a bit more then 200k unbuffed dps. I would have more dps with archery and steady aim, but I prefer other runes above dps runes. I think with those classical dps runes I am about 270k dps, but I might be mistaking, because I looked a them long ago :)

Cheers :)

edit: if you want to check my profile, when you click on my name in the web address line change "us" to "eu" and click enter again, since I am from EU :)
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