Diablo® III

sc gold is now only worth .27cents

why would most of you consider to trade at 1:4?
as gold got cheaper, exchange rate should go up. you guy are ruining business.
i was looking to trade at 1:5 or more

sc gold .55 1:3 - 3.5
sc gold .40+ 1:4 - 4.5
now .27 so many are trading less than 1:4

bot in sc drive down the price, but hc price should be the same for a long time.

sold hc items 15% tax then sc gold get another 15% tax plus 15% paypal fee... you will end up with nothing. Stop trading for cheap.
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and I've seen hardcore gold go for .60 cents a million so you're saying that it should be closer to 2 to 1?
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where do people go for .6 cent? online gold site?
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01/05/2013 07:38 PMPosted by LTpain
where do people go for .6 cent? online gold site?


Evidence, or nonsense.

At the same time, I will say it is unreasonable to think that HC enjoys a 0% inflation. The sad truth is that there is insufficient market data to understand exactly what these metrics are.

It is however reasonable to hypothesize that without a RMAH, and given the fact that the "supply" of items is not only increasing but also decreasing with deaths, that the HC economy would be more stable than the SC economy. But to what degree? Unknown, and unknowable, unless you have query privs on Blizzard's databases!
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I think most people go for 1hc : 4sc because that is what they see on the forum. Once they traded and go over to sc, they realised they made a loss.

It should be at least 1hc : 4.5sc at this time. My opinion...
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you're all wrong. it's whatever some one agrees to trade for it.

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I expect in the next patch or two the minimum gold floor to drop by 90% again like it did last time. 25 cents for 10m. Remember the floor used to be $2.50 for a million.
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