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Gem Crafting Trading Website [ Calculator ]

is a website based on the application GemCraftingTrading, which allows you to determinates ingredients/cost/profits for crafting gems in Diablo 3. A total innovation about others calculator :

- More details about each gems
- More detail about Costs / Incomes
- Calculation based on your stocks
- Time to Craft
- Free / Quick Calculation / Nice Looking
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I don't know how to use it, please describe what values I should put where and why. Where does the profit come from, how's all that calculated. It confuses me, I put values in and I look at these figures:

Selling price for minimum income ( based on TOTAL COST )
Money earned after the 15% tax ( based on Selling price )
Profit after selling with tax
My money after crafting + selling

And I just don't get it, how am I profiting from selling at the minimum income, when from what I calculate it breaks even to where I started, yet there is profit after selling with tax, but from where is that value come from?

What is selling price value for? (what I want to sell it at, whats its currently selling at), gem price is that the gem I'm buying/making.

I remember trying to use a gem calculator before and they seem like you have to know what it all means before you can use them. So I stopped trying to use it.

edit: also doesn't include my stock of tomes
edit: oh gem price is flawless gem's price
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Hey, thank you for feedback.

I think i'll explain more precisly it in the website.

For now i'll explain to you.

First thing : yeah gem price is about flawless square
Second : tome price too
And third : selling price of the gem you want to craft, refer at auction house it will give you a average price of selling. I'll explain why refer this price.

Fourth : your money, need it to calculate if you can craft or not your gem. And then if possible, determinate if it's valuable or not.

Now about selling price for minimum income. This is based on total cost as you know. To have a 0 profit, you have to sell you gem at this pricr, if you sell it higher it will be valuable. Now maths : for example total cost is 100000. Ifyou sell it at auction house you have a tax of 15% so you have to calculate that 100000 / 0.85 = 115000 if i'm not mistake lol. So 115000 is the minimum selling price for 0 profit, under it's non valuable. Higher it is.

Now about money earn after tax is based on selling price, that mean if you sell it a this pricesell you havr to reduce with the tax of 15% if you sell it at 100000 you'll only earn 85000. So that the aim of this field.

And now profit field is about your Total cost (with tax) and you selling price( with tax)
(115000 - 15000 from tax) - ( 85000 + 15000 from tax ) = 0

I hope it is more clear for you know, tomorrow i'll add some tips i guess. I know i'm not very clear without info.

Thank for using my work :)
Thank you for telling me what can i change ( like being more clear )

PS : sorry for my english, it's 2AM here ^^'

EDIT : failed at maths, hard to edit i'm on my smartphone, hope you get it after all. My application does calculations for you ( you know why i'm developping this, i suck at math, but good at programming )
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Hey I had some problems about calculation, no it's 100% OK !

Bugs fixed !

If you see anything which can help, you can use feedback part or reply in topic :)
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right now some people put gems and lose about 200k gold of each 1 gem :) thats rediculus how stupid they are... I wounder if they even realize they loose money
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good for us ^^
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I'll give you a hint in these hard times ^^

Actually if you want to make a little profit ( for small grants ), craft emerald stars, and farm around 10 flawless square.

If you have more Flawless Square, around 20, you can craft Flawless Star to make a profit :)

You can try it, actually Flawless Square Gem ( Emerald ) = ~12000 Gold
Tomes = ~1200
You money = I don't know :D
Selling Price = ~ 1150000 or 3400000 for Flawless Star.

Try it you can see how many Flawless Square you need to buy, at what price.
How Many tomes too.

And even time to craft ! :)

Easy to use, and refer directly results at bottom, a little profit :)

Enjoy your new stuff after few craft :)
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Hey Hey Hey

You know that if you farm to up parangon, you can loot nice gems that can make some money ?
Every run, i loot around 6 gems of each colors, after few runs i earn some money with crafting.

You can check how many gems you need, or you need to buy. All infos about Total Cost, and Selling Price are calculate :) And other thing. Don't only click and leave, try it

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Hey all,

I added a tutorial about how works my app ^^
I think it will help some of you to understand data, fields, etc...

Check this :)

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its great iv used it a many times :D
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Aaaaaaah nice to hear ^^
You enjoyed my day sir :D
Thank you
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Hey, I invite you to check on this post from DiabloFans :)

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Bump :)
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Bump :)
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