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Helm or pants; which to upgrade?


Here is my profile. I know my AR are pretty low, but am not sure which slot would make the most sense for an upgrade. I can go non-crit, high-strength Mempo, but lose on the crit chance. Or, I can switch out the pants for some +50 Str 200+Vit with like 70+ AR, but overall lose a light of health.

Is there another slot I am overlooking right now? I am fairly satisfied with my gear right now. Higher DPS is always appreciated, but I don't want to replace one thing if it will mean replacing another, and so on.

Or, lastly, should I just stick with what I have for now and continue to farm A3 MP1 and save/hope to find an uber item?
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All of those options are viable lol...including the one to stay in MP1 forever (been there)

Look at your option like this. Personally I prioritize CC over everything so I would not trade in that helmet unless you can get something that keeps at least some of that crit chance.

The two choices you are choosing between seem to be one of survivability (pants) vs. DPS/EHP (helmet).

I would suggest going to d3up.com and importing your barb there and simulating gear changes. See what you like the most and go with it.

Personally I think your AR is a bit low if you are trying to progress into higher MP. If you are happy at your MP then just go with more dps.

It's all a personal choice.

EDIT: On another note, you won't suffer too much by losing a little health and replacing it with AR. My barb can easily handle around MP6 (maybe higher if I was a better player lol) as a reference. I only have 40K health but make it a mission never to go below that. I think as i continue to upgrade my goal will be somewhere in the 50-60 range total but I might be years away from that.
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Cool man, thanks. I may just stay in MP1 for the sake of speed runs (even though the Ice Climbers come without the MS). Perhaps when 1.0.7 releases, and the experience boost to MP is active, I can get this barb to PL100 and start a Wizard or something. I don't really farm for Hellfire Rings or anything, so higher MP levels aren't really a concern.
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higher ar isn't required to farm higher mp. you just need to cover that deficiency with more sustain/dps and use superstition. There are many ways to put together a viable set. Unfortunately, all these options cost gold.

What is the highest MP you can reliably play and not die? I assume you are doing alkaizer permawrath route. I found with my low budget barb set with 400ish AR, I was able to play in mp5 without dying. that was with around 5k armor and 45k hp. That also included 3 sources of LS and BT pants for LOH. No defensive skills. I cant remember trying anything higher.

I would prioritize permawrath-ability if you cannot. My #2 priority is 24move speed.
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Well, I have never tried higher than MP4, but have downgraded to MP1 because of the speed. I can always switch out by Ice Climbers back for the IK boots I had. I have a little bit of an issue maintaining fury in MP1, but white mobs die in one hit and elites in about 5 seconds, so I am not completely inefficient with bad fury generation.

LS weapons are so expensive, especially ones that don't bring down my DPS much.
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im not a fan of low mp farming without wrath. even though runs were fast, the movespeed loss was intolerable. i preferred the slower exp/hr if it meant i could permawrath. the bonus item drops with higher MP is also noticeable. different strokes for different folks.
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