Diablo® III

PvP We need to put an end to this (Wiz)

Any ideas on how to counter this build?

s requested, here is the build that makes wiz's OP. I was taking down some of the best barbs and monks on D3 pretty consistently with it last night. (Gonna go toe-to-toe with a really good WD tonight so I'll get back to you there) The only class I died regularly to was another wiz, Kiza (darn good wiz), who was running a similar build.

Left click: Lightning Hydra
Right click: Teleport: Calamity
Button 1: Slow Time: Time Shell
Button 2: Wave of Force: Impactful Wave
Button 3: Mirror Images: Duplicates
Button 4: Storm Armor: Thunderstorm

Passives: Illusionist, Unstable Anomaly, Open (I use blur most of the time)



Basic gameplay. DON"T BE AGGRESSIVE. This whole build is based off you staying away from them, and counter-attacking. Attack cautiously, being instantly ready to fire mirror images and/or wave-of-force if they somehow get on top of you.

1. Activate storm armor.
2. Run towards middle, constantly throwing hydra
3. The INSTANT you see opponent, fire mirror images.
4. Kite around, letting hydra and storm armor do the work. If they get close fire wave of force or use teleport calamity, whichever is not on cooldown.
5. Use slow time randomly too, if they get cought in it, its game over with 80% mvt reduction.
6. Watch as they die to hydra and storm armor while attacking your images or getting stuck in the bubble.

It's quite hilarious to watch them get pissed and use serenity and seven sided strike on my mirror images. As soon as I see them use it I just use calamity on top of them and its over.

If you play it well, this build is invincible aside from other wiz's. Still working on trying to avoid storm armor. Anyways, good luck!
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Don't PvP. Build countered. Problem solved.
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It was the same !@#$ in d2 dueling. Kiting characters= annoying and not worth it. I remember dueling 200 fcr sorcs who wouldn't even come on my screen. If i cared i would leap and stun and then tele ww lock and get called an AAer. Just ignore people who play like that. I would try furious charge and sprint together. Like the good old paladin days.
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